Dear Little One

Dear Little One | love letters from mommy and daddy

Dear little one,

Today was beautiful. Today your daddy and I sat in a dim lit room as a strange man moved the magic wand for us to see you. And you are beautiful and ours.

Such a miracle as we watched the blood flowing through your body. And then you curled up into a ball and I could count each vertebrae as the man behind the machine measured your femur and humurous. I am in awe of our Creator and how you have been knit together to be perfect and ours.

Psalm 139:13

Little one, today you became more real. You were more than just a plus sign on a stick. Today we saw you as you kicked your leg. Today we saw as your heart beat a steady 141 beats per minute. Today we witnessed an answer to our prayers. We are so excited to hold you in our arms in less than 150 days…or at least we hope you’ll come before then because boy are we ready for you.


    Your Mommy

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