Ready to grow your blog? Find out how I grew my blog by over 1200%! I owe it all to this course.

The Secret to How I Grew My Blog By Over 1200%

Elite Blog Academy

In September 2014, I was 8 months pregnant with my first and I knew my whole life was going to be drastically changing very soon! The one stable thing in my life was that I knew I enjoyed blogging and wanted to keep documenting life with my new little one at Burlap and Babies (now A Crafted Passion). I had a passion for craft and DIY projects, but I wasn’t sure how all those things worked together. I also was hoping that one day I could make an income from doing something I love while being a SAHM, but how the heck do I do that? What were my next steps?

Ready to grow your blog? Find out how I grew my blog by over 1200% with real stats and graphs with the help of Elite Blog Academy!

And that’s when I heard about Elite Blog Academy.

The Background

Ruth Soukup launched Living Well Spending Less back in 2010 and since then has grown leaps and bounds and along the way learned so much. Lucky for us, she decided to share how she did it through Elite Blog Academy.

When I started the course with her first class in the fall of 2014, I was averaging around 3500 page views per month. In 4 months I grew from 3500 PV to over 19,500 page views. I owe it all to Elite Blog Academy! I even put the course on hold for a month during that time to give myself a maternity leave and continued to see my numbers increase. And page views was just one of many benefits I have seen! One year later and my PV have increased over 1200%. This little blog that I once started to share life with my family while we were away at college has grown from nothing to over 62,000 page views last month!

What Is It?

Elite Blog Academy the course is based on her book, How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul, but all the extras are what really put it above any other course I’ve done. There’s guided homework assignments for each chapter, a forum to ask questions at any time, plus many Q&A webinars to go in more depth.

If you’re willing to put in the time to participate and do the homework, I absolutely feel everyone can benefit! I know for me it’s been super helpful having the extra push and people going through it with me that helped me succeed.

As a lifetime member,  I’m so excited to go through it a fourth time with all the added features. Here’s my actual growth and I’ve shown each time I went through EBA again.

Ready to grow your blog? Find out how I grew my blog by over 1200% with real stats and graphs with the help of Elite Blog Academy!

Obviously, it works. I have learned so much from this course! Being a lifetime member and receiving any updates made to the course, I’ve actually gone through the course three times already. Each time I felt like I was stuck with my blog and I didn’t know which direction to go or where to focus my energy. As you can see, each time I was able to pull out really useful information that helped me get over the plateau in my blog and as a result increase page views and income.


Sign up to get on the Elite Blog Academy waitlist to get notified the next time enrollment opens up. And if you purchase through my link, send me a screenshot and I’ll add you to an exclusive Facebook group with just EBA students. This group is been crucial in everyone’s success and to bounce ideas off of others going through the same course as you.

If you have any questions about Elite Blog Academy, it is seriously awesome and I’d love to chat with you about it. Shoot me an email or contact me on social media. I could talk for days about all the great things about EBA or you can find lots more details on the course here.

I am an affiliate for this program but I legitimately love this course and wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t love 100%. I know how much the blogging community has changed my life and I hope everyone has an opportunity to be successful blogging if they choose.

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