The Perfect Modern Kitchen Sink

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Ever since we moved into our home six years ago we’ve had a stainless steel sink. It worked great for our family. We washed babies in it, worked on projects in it, cleaned paint brushes in it…did everything with it. But when it came time to replace our countertops and redo our kitchen, the style of the stainless sink wasn’t right anymore.

It didn’t look modern, it didn’t fit the black and white feel, and it didn’t match the black faucet I was looking for.

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Image of modern kitchen sink

Do we splurge? Do we get our dream sink or settle on something just a little nicer and more practical than what we currently have? If we do get a new one, what type of material do we want? Do we want one bowl or two? How deep should it go?

Side view of modern kitchen sink and black faucet

You could go with a drop-in, undermount, farmhouse, stainless, white, black…it makes a big difference in what you pick and the style of the sink changes the way the kitchen feels a lot. We were going for the clean, slick, modern feel and a black undermount felt like the perfect option.

Y’all!! The questions were endless and kept me up at night, UNTIL I found the perfect sink and I’m as obsessed with it now as I was when I found it.

This black quartz sink from Elkay is seriously the perfect modern kitchen sink. It’s not farmhouse-y, it doesn’t detract from the simplicity of the kitchen, and the texture of the quartz and the black adds just enough interest to make it exciting. Who knew you could be so excited about a sink?!

Happy kids on top of the sink countertop

Benefits of This Quartz Sink

We have been using our quartz sink for about a month now and love it so much! The non-porous finish of the quartz makes bacteria growth practically nonexistent and I love how deep it is.

The sink has rounded corners making it easy to clean and a right sloping drain which leaves plenty of room to pile dishes when the evenings get busy and I need to feel like we’ve got our life together.

It really is the perfect modern sink and I am so glad we went with it!

Closer view of the black quartz sink

Butcher Block Undermount Tips

Now, if you’re intimidated by undermounting a massive sink on your new countertops, don’t worry, I was too! Thankfully, I have skilled family members who were able to come help with the install and share many tips and tricks for getting the sink installed perfectly.

Check out this video I put together of our sink install process.

The install method varies based on the type of countertops, so I’ll share with you all of our tips and tricks for undermounting to butcher block.

Here are my notes for you…

1. Hire a professional
2. Measure 5+ times before ordering a sink and then refer back to number one.

No, but really, all joking aside, I am so glad we have experienced family members that volunteered to help us get the sink installed. Both Justin and I had watched plenty of youtube videos and felt prepared, but when it came down to actually doing the cutting, gluing, and applying, I am so thankful we had people more experienced running the show.

Closer view of the sink and the black faucet

Tip #1

Create a sink template in plywood before cutting the counters to make sure everything aligns perfectly. Once you get the template perfect then you can clamp that to your butcher block and cut using a jigsaw. After your have the rough shape cut then you can route out your actual sink hole.

Sink template in plywood

Tip #2

If you’re under mounting, like we did, tape the inside of the sink hole to protect it from any silicone that may seep in. Spray with cooking spray to make it easy to pull off any silicone later.

Mounting the sink on the plywood with tape.

Tip #3

Flip the counter upside down on a flat surface and place your sink on top as if you are ready to install it. Once you have the sink perfectly placed centered on the hole, hot glue a few blocks of wood on two sides so that when you remove the sink to place the silicone down, you know you’ll get the sink back into the perfect spot. Once the silicone is dried you can just remove the hot glue blocks with a little bit of denatured alcohol.

Upside down sink with wood blocks attached

Pre-drill the holes and attach the brackets while the silicone dries. Once we let the silicone cure for a couple hours we were able to flip over the full counter and sink to drop into place.

I love our sink so much and am so glad we chose to upgrade rather than stick with our old sink. Be sure to check out the full modern kitchen reveal here and if you’re in the market for a modern kitchen sink, be sure to check out the one we got here.


Finished look of the modern kitchen sink on the kitchen
Modern kitchen view

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Looking for a new sink? With clean lines, a black finish, and easy to clean surface, this is the perfect modern kitchen sink! Sponsored by Elkay #modernkitchen #kitchensink

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