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weekly happenings

Well as you can tell, the past few weeks I have been pretty MIA. Here is a brief glimpse at what my life looked last week.

– IVs. my dear, sweet mother had total hip replacement surgery
– Cookies. lots of chocolate chip cookies for nurses, therapists, and other hospital staff
– Waiting. Played the waiting game on surgery day watching the color of her numbered box change to show if she was in pre-op, surgery, or recovery
– More waiting for her to finally get from recovery into the med-surg patient room.
– Hummingbirds. And more hummingbirds. My mom spends her mornings watching hummingbirds fly around on her porch so it was fitting that her hospital floor was dedicated to hummingbirds. 
– Prayers. Lots of prayers were said for my mom and all of us in her family
– Evenings hanging around in the hospital
– More waiting at home for discharge to get completed…took a ridiculous 4 hours for the nurse to finish paperwork
– Cookie bags for the amazing people who have supported us and been there throughout this past wee
Now comes the fun part. Trying to keep this extrovert, very busy mother of mine tied down for the next four weeks to give her body time to heal.

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