10 Ways Freestanding Wardrobes Can Be Used for Interior Design

Built-in wardrobes may add value to your home, but they can be tricky to work around when you’re trying to perfect the décor of a room. That’s why we prefer freestanding wardrobes. Apart from being conveniently mobile, the right design can be used to enhance a room, often in more ways than one.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 ways freestanding wardrobes can be used for interior design. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration!

1. Add Depth and Space

A built-in wardrobe can make a room feel smaller by obscuring the view of the floor and ceiling. A freestanding unit, on the other hand, leaves a margin of space around it. This can add depth and space to a room, making it seem larger than it is.

Tip: use a wardrobe with mirrored panels to add even more depth to an area. 

Beautiful rustic oak wardrobe by Instrument Furniture

There are wardrobes with drawers inside that you can use to neatly organize your clothes, books, and other documents. Arranging these items properly inside the drawers can help you save a lot of space.

2. Brighten a Room with Mirrors

Much like mirrored wardrobe doors can add depth to a room, they can also be used to brighten an area. This is especially useful for tiny rooms or rooms that don’t get much natural light.

Mirrors can boost light levels and increase the feeling of space in a room. If your freestanding wardrobe doesn’t have a mirror, you can always install one, or buy a new mirrored wardrobe.

3. Go Bespoke

A freestanding wardrobe can easily be custom-designed to your preference, allowing you to add a unique character to your bedroom. Add interesting handles to the doors or fix embellishments to the surface for a beautiful wardrobe that caters exactly to your taste.

Unique bespoke wardrobe by Revival Beds

4. Enhance Colour Schemes

A beautiful freestanding wardrobe can enhance the colour of the wall behind it. For example, warm wood can make an emerald-green wall look stunning, and vice versa! By painting the wall behind your wardrobe with a bold colour, you make the furniture stand out so that it can be admired. Interesting wallpaper can also be used to highlight a plain wardrobe.

Design by Villa Z Beats

5. Organise a Child’s Room – in Style

Freestanding wardrobes are ideal for kids’ rooms because they can adapt to accommodate new environments as the child grows. They can also easily be moved to a bigger room when a child outgrows the nursery.

Paint the wardrobe whatever colour your kid is mad about to create a bedroom that they love to be in. Use the storage space to organise their tiny clothes, toys, book, and so on.

6. Add Texture to a Room

Exciting materials can be used to create a fascinating wardrobe while adding texture to a room. From richly toned wood to sand-blasted doors; you can use furniture to liven up a space.

Tip: give new life to an old wardrobe by applying texturing techniques to the exterior. Use chalk paint or wallpaper to cover your doors for a fresh new look. Vinyl coverings are also a new trend for making old furniture look sleek and modern.

In this image, a wicker wardrobe by Made was used to add texture to the bedroom 

7. Mix and Match

Freestanding wardrobes are a great alternative to built-in options, especially if you’re one to mix and match different styles of furniture.

If you prefer your bedroom furniture to match perfectly, that’s OK. However, if you love the whimsical look of having mismatched furniture in a room, then you can purchase a freestanding wardrobe on its own – so that you can fulfil your vision.

8. Angle It

Not only does an angled wardrobe add intrigue to a room, but it can draw attention to the structure itself, which is great if you have a stunning wardrobe that’s worthy of being displayed.

Some rooms are also awkwardly shaped and positioning your wardrobe at an angle may be a solution to adding a comforting flow to the area.

9. Go Big!

Need more wardrobe space? Use a freestanding wardrobe, and then another one!

Freestanding units can easily be placed alongside each other to provide more storage space and add impact to a larger room.

Standing two wardrobes side by side gives a sense of symmetry, especially if the units are each similar in size.  Just note that for the best results, the wardrobes should be a perfect match (sometimes a near match can work for a whimsical décor theme).

Instrument furniture corner wardrobe paired with large units for max storage and impact

10. Find a Unique Design

If traditional wardrobe designs are just not your “thing”, then choose to be different! There are hundreds (if not thousands) of designs to choose from – a quick browse online will confirm this. From quirky constructions to oriental masterpieces, you’re bound to find something both practical and intriguing.

Idea: why not put your creativity to practice and convert an old-school locker into a charismatic wardrobe (this is great for teen pads)! 

Wardrobes are more often regarded for their practical uses than for the style and “flavour” they add to a room. I hope, if anything, that this article changes this – so that this type of furniture can be appreciated as a valuable tool in creating a beautifully designed room.

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