Celebrating An Anniversary: How To Make It Special (Even With Kids)

Once you start a family, it can sometimes feel like it’s harder to celebrate the things that are important to you and your partner as a couple, because there’s often a real lack of time. It’s easy for it to feel like your relationship has fallen onto the backburner, because your children (rightly) take priority. 

However, just because now your family comes before romance, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make celebrating an anniversary special. It’s simply a case of getting creative with your approach, that’s all. There are lots of lovely ways that you can celebrate your anniversary in style, it’s simply a case of knowing what approach to take, that’s all. 

The fact is that celebrating important occasions in your relationship is important, which is why making time to celebrate them is so important. It doesn’t matter how big or small your celebrations are, just as long as you take the time to celebrate together. Marking the occasion together is important, because it shows that even though family life is busy, you still both love and cherish each other and value the relationship that you share. 

In need of a little inspiration for celebrating your next anniversary? Below is a guide to some simple ways you can make your next anniversary special – read on for all the celebratory inspiration that you need. 

Treat your partner to a gift they’ll love 

A great starting point for any anniversary is to treat your partner to a gift they’ll love. It doesn’t matter how much that gift costs – or what it is – just as long as it’s something that you know that they will love and appreciate the gesture. Gifting isn’t always about big price tags, it’s about choosing something that you know the other person will love. 

Let’s say, for instance, that your partner has recently had their eye on getting a new watch, you might want to take the time to search for affordable luxury watches online, or if they’ve been wanting to try out a new hobby for a while, such as starting to play golf, you might like to treat them to something that’s related to said hobby – or to a hobby that they already have. 

Not sure what to buy? How about creating a hamper of all of your partner’s favourite things? You could fill it with a selection of their go-tos, from their favourite movies and snacks to the activities that they love. 

Surprise them 

Another great way to mark the occasion is to surprise your partner in some way. Whether it’s a little thing like surprising them with breakfast in bed or surprising them with an unexpected day out, a surprise really can go a long way to making the day special. 

If there’s somewhere that your partner – or you and your partner – have been meaning to go, surprising them with a day out there can be a nice way to celebrate your anniversary, even if you do have the kids in tow with you. 

Whether that means heading off of a lovely relaxing walk across the countryside or it’s planning a ride in a hot air balloon, the most important thing is that you know your partner will love and appreciate what you’ve planned. 

Plan a getaway 

If you have the luxury of being able to get some childcare (or are happy to take the little ones with you), planning a getaway to mark the occasion is a great way to celebrate. Sometimes, getting away can be just what it takes to make celebrating even more enjoyable. 

Whether it’s a glamping trip in the wilderness or a luxury skiing getaway, planning a trip away for your anniversary can be a really nice way to celebrate the time that you and your partner have spent together. 

Getting away can be a really lovely way to reignite the spark back into your relationship and bring you and your partner closer together. Taking the time to get away and spend time as a couple is important for your relationship health, so it really is worth taking the time to plan trips like this, even if they’re not on your actual anniversary. 

However you choose to spend your anniversary, the important thing is that you find a way to make it special for both yourself and your partner. By taking the time to plan a little something for the two of you to enjoy, you can ensure that the day has meaning and feels special. 

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