Creating A Home That Nourishes Your Mental Health

Our homes should be happy places that make us feel calm, relaxed and content. For many of us, there’s no place like home, but what if your nest doesn’t nourish your mental health? In this guide, we’ll explore some simple ways you can create a home that makes you feel better.

Maximize natural light

Studies show that exposure to natural light increases productivity and makes us feel more optimistic and energetic. Try to maximize natural light in your home. Open curtains wide, use light shades and colors on your walls and floors and bounce light around using mirrors. Angle furniture towards windows and doors and keep light spaces free from obstacles. If you work from home, choose a spot for your desk that has a view or access to windows.

Choose colors carefully

Colors impact the aesthetic of our homes but they also have an influence on our moods. When you are decorating or revamping living spaces, choose colors carefully. Think about how you use each room and the vibe you want to create. It’s best to opt for soothing tones in quiet spaces and areas, such as bedrooms, where you want to wind down and feel relaxed.  You might feel more comfortable with hardwood bedroom furniture than you would metal in your bedroom if you are trying to create a cozy, cottage feel. Choosing your colors carefully when you’re decorating is important, but so is choosing your materials. You want to make sure that wherever you are in your home you feel welcomed and calm, not tense and aggravatedAdd brighter, bolder colors to social zones and rooms you use for entertaining or being creative.


Clutter can make even the most stunning rooms look cramped and unsightly and it can increase stress. Decluttering will help you to create more space in your home and improve the look of your living areas. It will also help you to feel better and make it easier to tidy and organize your home. If you struggle to keep on top of clutter, use the Internet to find storage near you or add storage to your home. You can do this by buying furniture, such as chests, cabinets and beds and tables with hidden drawers, or hanging shelves, racks and rails on your walls. Have a clear-out once or twice a year to get rid of things you don’t want or need, and get into the habit of donating, selling or throwing away items you don’t want to keep.

Create relaxing zones

Many of us lead hectic lives and we crave downtime. To aid relaxation and induce calm and serenity, create tranquil zones in your home. Even if you have a small apartment, you can set aside space to unwind. Make sure your bedroom is a sanctuary and use a corner of your living room or a guest bedroom to make space for reading, listening to music or meditating. Use soft furnishings, low-level lighting and soothing colors to add a cozy feel.

Add plants

Plants can help to bring stress levels down and they also purify the air and create a beautiful, vibrant focal point. You can add plants to every room in your house or apartment. From tiny potted plants for bijou bedrooms to large houseplants and trees to make a statement in an office or kitchen-diner, there are options to suit everyone.

We all want our homes to look fabulous, but we also want to live in a house or apartment that makes us feel great. Use these tips and tricks to create a nest that nourishes your mental health.

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