DIY Nursery Mirror Makeover

Sometimes all it takes is time and and a can of spray paint to help turn a boring wall from drab into fab!! And can I just say, I think we nailed it! Ever since we started dreaming up this little girl’s nursery, I have imagined an ornate large mirror above the dresser. Finding a vintage mirror that is reasonably priced though is so not easy!! About once a week, I would check our local Craigslist ads and check Goodwill for the perfect mirror. Well, one day I found it! For $20, a lady was selling an old mirror that her parents had at their wedding in the 1940s! And so began my DIY mirror makeover!

Need an easy way to repaint a frame without removing the inside? Check out this tutorial on how to easily do a mirror makeover using paper and a knife.

Since we decided to keep all the large pieces of the nursery neutral color to make less work for future children, I knew I wanted the mirror to help pull in some of the purple. So although it looks awesome I knew it needed some paint.

DIY Mirror Makeover BEFORE

I luckily found a perfect dark purple spray paint so all I needed to do was figure out either how to remove the mirror or how to hide it. After uncovering the back of the mirror, I realized that would be way too difficult. Let’s just say 1940s mirrors were made much more sturdy and durable than nowadays. AKA that back was not coming off without a lot of work and elbow grease!

So I went the second route and grabbed some masking paper used for painting and went to town taping it with blue tape to the mirror. Don’t worry about getting it taped super close to the edge, but just do your best to make sure the mirror is covered.

Nursery Mirror Makeover

Nursery Mirror Makeover

Once the paper is secure, take an xacto knife or utility knife and cut the paper as close to the frame as you can. Super easy and makes it so that you can use the spray paint without needing to be super careful. This was important to me since the frame had so many little details and I didn’t want any of the gold showing through.

Nursery Mirror Makeover

Nursery Mirror Makeover

From there, paint and then wait for it to dry!

I just love how it turned out and can’t wait to show you the rest of our nursery! We’re just waiting for one more thing to show up that I ordered from Etsy before I can call the nursery complete.

In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek and the mirror above the dresser.

Nursery Mirror Makeover

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