Here are Some of the Best Renovations You Can Do To Your Home

If you want to do some work to your home, then here are some of the top things you need to focus on.

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The Kitchen and Bathroom

If you want to renovate a particular space then you should start with your kitchen or your bathroom. These areas are going to give you the highest return on your investment. When making updates to your bathroom, you need to consider changing out the flooring or even replacing the bath. Simple changes like this can drastically improve your home’s value. If you want to save money by making small improvements then consider replacing your shower head or even your toilet. The average home toilet is responsible for around 30% of water consumption, so when you break it down, it’s not hard to see that it is one of the most costly systems in your entire home. If you switch to a low-flow system then you will be able to save money while reducing cost. You might also want to add some underfloor heating to your bathroom. The process of installing underfloor heating can be intensive but at the same time, it will add a great deal of value to your home. It also means you can stop using your heating system as much, which is great, to say the least. If you want to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor.

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Heating and Cooling

Underfloor heating is just one of the many ways that you can improve your heating. If you want to take things to that next level then one thing you can do is look at your HVAC system. If yours is a little outdated then this is a great place to start. Ground and air source heat pumps are very good for the environment and you may even be able to get an incentive through a government program. If you want to install a ground source heat pump then this could drop your utility bill by around 65%.

Alternative Energy

Another thing you can do is invest in alternative energy. Alternative energy sources can be a great investment. You can choose from solar thermal and even biomass boilers if you want. These are ideal if you want to save money. On top of this, you have a lot of carbon heating options if you want to replace your gas boiler. Biomass boilers are very similar to that of a conventional gas boiler but they can produce heat using sustainably-produced wood as opposed to fossil fuels. If you have a smaller home or if you have a limited space then it’s wise for you to consider an electric combi–boiler. These do not release any CO2 emissions, which makes them ideal if you are on a tight budget.

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Energy-Efficient Improvements

If you want to reduce your energy bills while rocketing the value of your home then there are some improvements you can make. These projects tend to vary in terms of scope and price. It may be that you update your lighting from incandescent bulbs to ones that are LED-based. On the other hand, it may be that you choose to replace your old appliances with ones that are much more energy-efficient. This is more expensive but it is well worth it in the long run. Substantial upgrades will cost more up front but they will add the most value. Solar panels are one option here, but a lot of people can’t afford them due to their high cost. Green funding is sometimes available depending on where you live, so keep that in mind.


Increase your home’s value and conserve even more energy by upgrading your wall and your loft. Make sure that you choose loose-fit or even batt insulation so you can improve your space. If you want to insulate your walls then you will need to hire a professional. They will use spray foam or rigid foam panels so you can trap as much heat as possible. Another thing you can do is draught-proof your windows and doors. This is a fantastic way for you to further insulate your home and it is very reliable in terms of your home’s overall worth. Double-glazing is another option. You can also add shutters if you want to lock in the heat during the winter months. You can replace the wood or the aluminum frames you have now with uPVC too, which will give you the highest level of protection during the winter months when the temperatures drop.

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