3 (Relatively) Big Renovations You Can Make Yourself

We’re always searching for how we can insert ourselves in our home decor. What relatively big renovations can you do yourself? Click here to find out.

There are many renovations that are fairly large but are still relatively easy to do yourself. Whether you want to create an open-plan space, upgrade your wood flooring, or install fixtures, there are simple ways to carry out seemingly big home projects on your own.

Create space

Maximising your space is surprisingly easy to do yourself and doesn’t have to mean extensive construction projects. A more spacious interior can be achieved with a bit of creativity. Merely rearranging your furniture can create the illusion of more space, as can redecorating with lighter colours. Simple wood flooring in lighter shades will help open up the room and compliment the delicate colour scheme. If you’re feeling brave, you might want to consider removing internal walls or partitions in order to create a more open-plan interior. As long as any interior wall is non-load bearing, then you should be able to remove it yourself without professional help. If you’re in any doubt, though, always consult a building professional.

Install fixtures

Adding fixtures within your home is much easier than you might think. As long as there are no hidden wires or pipes in the way, you should be able to nail floating shelves to internal walls relatively easily. Think about matching your shelves to your interior – for instance, if you have a certain type of wood flooring, then consider using a similar style of wood for the shelving. Another surprisingly simple fixture you can do yourself is wall-mounted lighting. There are lots of wall lights on the market that can be fitted without the need for hardwiring. The range of fixtures you can add is limited only by your imagination. For instance, planks of wood can be nailed together and anchored to the ceiling with heavy-duty toggle bolts to create exposed beams. This is such a simple yet effective renovation that can really add to the character of your property and will beautifully compliment any existing wood flooring.

Update the floor

Whether you install an entirely new floor or you revitalise some old wood flooring that’s looking tired, attending to the floor is something you can do yourself. You’ll need a hand saw, hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, set square, and basic power tools. As long as you’ve got all the right tools to hand and the correct amount of laminate or wood flooring materials, then installation should be relatively straightforward. If you have an existing wood flooring surface that could do with refreshing, then there are many ways you can breathe life back into your wood flooring. One way is to top up the finish on your wood flooring. If you have lacquered wood flooring, then you’ll want to apply a finish with more shine; however, if your wood flooring is a more matte, natural style, then look for oil finishes instead. Always thoroughly clean the surface, preferably with fine steel wool, before you apply the wood flooring finish. Another effective way to revitalise your wood flooring is to buff and polish it, which is much easier than having it re-sanded but can still make it look new.


These renovations might seem big, but they can all be carried out on your own.

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