5 Mattress Shopping Tips and Hacks You’ll Love

Buying a new bed or mattress is a big investment and one that is likely going to cost you a fair amount of money. Making the decision to buy is one that should be made with confidence and a full understanding of what you’re getting and what the brand or store offers in terms of warranties and returns. Here are five important tips for buying a new mattress or bed.

Consider Visiting a Physical Store

Buying online has some distinct advantages over in store purchases, because you get the convenience of comparing hundreds of options quickly and easily, reading buyer reviews and the convenience of not having to leave the house. It also has some distinct disadvantages, the chief of which is not being able to lie down on the mattresses and get a real world feel for them before you buy. Buying a bed is expensive and being able to spend some time physically testing each option to find your ideal mattress is almost essential. For this reason, it’s a good idea to visit a physical store, even if just to feel the differences between the mattress constructions and descriptors, like firmness.

Wait for Sales

Mattress stores are well known for their sales, which can knock off a good percentage of the cost of a bed. Shopping days like Black Friday can see these prices drop even further, so if you can wait for these sales then it might be a good idea to do so. Mattresses that are end of line or being replaced with updated models can also get some deep discounts, so talk to the sales consultants about these options too. There are some brands and options that might not offer discounts during these holidays, so it might not always save you a lot of money, and you might not be able to wait months for the next sale if you need to replace your bed quickly.

Buying a Base and Mattress Together is Cheaper

Particularly if you’re looking for something that is ideally sold to work together like an adjustable bed, you’ll likely not only get a bundle cheaper, but they’ll be better designed to be paired with each other. There’s nothing quite like sleeping on the best adjustable bed, so don’t shy away from asking salespeople for discounts on bundles, because there’s more than one advantage to buying in bundles.

Examine Your Warranty Carefully

Because you’ll be spending a lot on a new bed, you’ll want a good and comprehensive warranty to go along with it. The most common warranty you’ll find on a mattress is 10 years and it will cover most of the manufacturing defects that can appear over time, like sagging mattresses or cracks in the foam. In these cases, the warranty will usually offer a repair or replacement of the mattress at the discretion of the manufacturer. There are better warranties on some brands, some lasting longer than 10 years, albeit with diminishing support and warranty offerings.

Trial Nights and Returns

Before you buy, ask about trials and returns. Many mattresses will offer you a few weeks trial to test out and decide if the mattress will definitely work for you. Some brands offer as much as 100 nights before they won’t accept a return, so you’ll have plenty of time to thoroughly test them. If you want to be given time to test a mattress, make sure you check if this is offered by the brand.

Using these tips to find the right mattress will remove a lot of the stress and potential buyers’ remorse from happening to you when you get your new bed set up for the first night of sleep.

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