5 Minor Repairs That Can Freshen Up Your Home and Help it Sell Faster

We’ve all been there. You cast an eye around the room and wonder what you could do to freshen it all up a bit. Looking at your blinds, you ask yourself whether shutters made from faux wood might look a little better there.

Well, some minor things really do make a tremendous difference to the overall appearance of your home and are especially important if you are planning to sell. Not all of them are cheap, necessarily, but with relatively minor effort, there’s a big payoff in freshness. Here are some minor repairs that you can do before selling your home.

Tiling is Bigger Than You Might Think

Tiles are typically installed in heavy-use areas, most notably in kitchens and bathrooms. The thing is, tiles tend to date pretty quickly, so changing them out can really freshen a room.

Unless you’ve got some experience here, it may be a good idea to get some help. They can be tricky if you’re unsure about what you’re doing. But, once the new ones are in, you’ll be amazed at the alteration in the room.

A Paint Job Works Wonders

No matter where in the house, a fresh coat of paint performs miracles. Especially if you’re considering a smaller space, the lighter colors are normally best. Lighter hues will tend to open up a space better than stronger, darker tones.

Similarly, most people find lighter colors more soothing and peaceful than darker ones. Anything in the range of whites, creams, magnolia, and so forth are great for this purpose. It’s why they’re the most popular colors available for house paint.

This moody and dark bathroom makeover reveal is STUNNING! Between the navy wall color, updated mirror, faux countertops, and matte black accessories, this whole small powder room turned out amazing.

Bathroom Fittings

In addition to the bathroom tiles mentioned above, you might want to take a look at the fittings that are currently there. With a fairly moderate outlay of money, you can find some excellent options to install.

It’s noteworthy how big a difference a few small items can make, and yet it’s the case for fittings. Taking up a coherent stylistic choice with both tiling and fittings will bring about a real “wow factor” effect.

Kitchen Fittings

Kitchen fittings can mean quite a range of things because of how functional the space usually is. You can affect a huge change in the overall appearance by simply changing a few of these.

Cabinetry is one such feature. The cabinets in many kitchens are often quite old and worn out, and seeking out someone to spruce things up a little could be a winning idea. In some cases, this may require pulling them out and starting afresh.

Similarly, taps and sinks can be whipped out and replaced or perhaps mended here and there. These smaller details will have a big payback effect when you do them correctly. Since many of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens, it could be a great plan.

Lighting Changes

Again, it’s one of those areas where we tend to pay little attention. Yet, lighting is so important to how we view the space around us, and it can literally frame what the potential buyers see and don’t see in any given area.

Carefully choosing variations in up-lighting and down-lighting can give you the power to reframe the space completely. More vivid lighting in this area and some softer options in that area may totally refresh whichever room you’re thinking about.

You can even test this out by simply walking around with a lamp. That way, you can get a decent impression of the end results of various lighting choices. It’s like a lifehack, measured in lumens.

Last Word

It doesn’t always take a huge thing to completely alter the impression a home or room gives to viewers. Often, being clever about how you do things can generate the fresh and unique feel you’re after. And most importantly it can make your home sale faster and more profitable.

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