How to Add Washi Tape on Furniture

Add some washi tape on furniture for some simple flair. Find this plus 5 other creative ways to use washi tape.

Remember when I took this old, dusty desk and gave her a fresh new makeover? Well, it’s sat in my dining room for the past month begging for a little more bling. I’m excited to tell you that today I’ve teamed up with 5 other fabulous ladies to share 6 Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape. Here’s how I used washi tape to add detail to furniture.

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So just to give you a reminder, this is what the desk looked like when I got my hands on it. Old. Beaten up. Worn down. And very dusty.

Old dusty dark desk.

After a quick cleaning and a fresh coat of paint it was looking darling. However, it was screaming for some more bling!

White desk with blue knobs.

Enter washi tape. Washi tape is like the woman’s version of duct tape. It can pretty much solve any problem. #amiright?

Need to organize a drawer? Use washi tape. Meal planning? Washi tape. Day planner? Washi tape. Desk makeover? Why not add some washi tape?

All you need is some cute washi tape and an x-acto knife. I found my washi tape for just a few bucks at Target and the knife I already had. If you’re looking for a decent x-acto knife, this is my favorite one! I use it a lot when working on crafting projects and it’s so easy to switch out the blades when they start to get dull.

Exacto knife and washi tape image.

Lucky for me, I found washi tape that was the exact width of the trim I wanted to highlight on the desk. However, you can buy washi tape many different widths or you can cut the tape down to the correct width if you need a different size. I adhered the washi tape to the edge of the cubbies that I wanted to stand out and then at each edge I used my x-acto knife to cut the tape.

Hands holding washi tape image.
Hand cutting washi tape with exacto knife image.

This project literally took me five minutes and I love how it turned out!! I’m excited to start adding washi tape to all my furniture now. And the super fun thing is that when I get bored of the silver sparkle (which I don’t think I ever will), it’s easy to just switch out.

Desk organization with some craft supplies image.

Now, I have the perfect little desk to hold all my most used craft tools that always seem to be buried in my craft room. I also love that my favorite instax mini camera has it’s own special home and is always nearby to grab when there’s a cute candid moment with the little one.

Have any ideas about using washi tape on furniture in your space?

Craft storage desk image.

As a sidenote, this is still my favorite quote. You can grab your own free printable with this quote by heading here.

What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

-Erin Hanson

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Now, be sure to hop around and look at all the gorgeous projects from my friend’s who have some genius ways to create using washi tape. Click on the photos below to head to their tutorial.


6 creative ways to use washi tape image.

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