Baby Bump {Part One}

Well in case you missed the announcement, Baby Garvin is on the way and due on Thanksgiving day!! Last week at our normal checkup, my midwife said I should plan on a December baby since this is my first but I’m keeping my hopes up that this little one will be early. We are just so excited for this next step in life and excited to welcome this new addition to our family! Here’s a few little progress shots taken over the past month.

Now that I’m finally not napping as much as I did in the first trimester and I’m feeling great, my goal is to start updating weekly, or at least every other week, with bump photos and a little update. Most importantly, I just want to be able to remember all these fun little details. Here’s the first of what should be 26 more to go!

How far along? 13.5 weeks 

Maternity clothes: Don’t fit into most of my pants without the belly band anymore unless they’re stretchy. Wearing LOTS of dresses and skirts.

Sleep: Better this week! Mr g bought me a snoogle for Mother’s Day and I finally started using it this week. Sleeping has been a 1000% better the last few nights!

Best moment this week: Spending an afternoon talking baby talk with friends at a BBQ

Symptoms: Can’t suck in my “fat”, Have to pee way more than normal, Sciatic nerve pain in my left butt cheek but I’ve had that for about a month now, Other than that feeling great!

Food cravings: None…although I wish I could say I’m craving chocolate and have a good excuse for eating it 

Nausea? None since about week 6

Stretch marks? No new ones that I’ve found yet…only my old fat marks (from before I lost the 40 pounds last year)

Total weight gain: 1 lb

Movement: None….anxiously waiting to feel something though

Gender: I want a girl but I feel like it’ll be a boy. Mr g wants a boy. We find out JULY 7!!! 41 days from today….not that I’m counting or anything. :) And then we’ll do our big gender reveal party a few weeks later.

Labor Signs: None 

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? On

Happy or moody: Happy and excited all the time….and I think my hubby would agree (babe, if I’m wrong, just agree anyways!)

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender in 41 days so we can start planning the nursery!

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