Back To School Tips For Teachers

While you may still be making the most of your summer vacation, there’s no denying that September is just around the corner! This means that as a teacher or educator, it’s time to start preparing to go Back-To-School!

However, given that stress levels among teachers are rising, it’s important that you work to make this transition as smooth as possible – both for your own benefit and that of your students!

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Work on your lesson plans.

Once term starts, you’ll likely be facing a never-ending to-do list, whether you’re marking students’ work or putting together assessments. However, you can free up your evenings in the future by working on your lesson plans now. After all, with the right lesson plans in place, it’s easier than ever to ensure your student’s educational needs are met, as your classes will have a strong structure.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, learn bright has free lesson plans that you can access on their website. Using these resources can save you a lot of valuable time and energy while still ensuring that you cover a diverse curriculum that challenges your students.

Get to know your students.

Getting to know your students means that you can tailor your classes toward their specific educational needs, giving each and every student under your care the opportunity to succeed. It also makes for a friendlier classroom environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

If you’ve noticed that some of your students are not interested in school, then you may want to spend some extra time with them, working to break down whatever barriers are standing in their way of having fun. For example, they may simply need some extra support to help them get up to speed on work in class. The more comfortable they feel around you, the more they’ll open up, and the easier it will be for you to get through to them!

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Take care of yourself.

As a teacher, it’s easy to make the students under your care your priority. After all, there’s a reason you entered this profession! However, it’s also crucial that you take care of yourself too. For example, no matter how busy your day is or how long you’ve spent at your desk, you must always make time in your routine for Self-care.

After all, if you do not carve out some time in your routine for yourself, you’ll soon notice that your stress levels begin to climb. This, in turn, can make it harder for you to work to the best of your ability, which could impact your entire class. As such, you should try to dedicate at least 15-20 minutes a day to self-care, whether this comes in the form of morning affirmations, a beauty routine, or watching your favorite TV show each evening!

You must also use your lunch break as an actual break. Don’t sit at your desk looking over your work for the afternoon. Instead, spend some time outdoors, or catch up with your colleagues. This means that you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed for the latter half of the day!

Get enough sleep.

By now, you’ll likely be well aware of the fact that working in the education sector can be tiring! After all, your work is cut out for you day in, day out. Not only are you a teacher, but you’re also a nurse, a counselor, and a mediator when students start to fight – simply put, being a teacher is taking on 100 roles at once! Furthermore, your day doesn’t end when the bell rings; you have to start marking work, filing reports, and more.

As such, it’s hardly surprising that a recent study from Ball State University found that “43% of teachers slept 6 hours or less a night, and 64% reported feeling drowsy during school hours.” While it may seem like a lifesaver in theory, this is not something that can be remedied by drinking an extra cup of coffee. Instead, you should ensure that you get as much sleep as possible.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can ensure that you’re as well-rested as possible as a teacher. For example, you should stick to a clear nighttime routine so that you begin to feel tired at the same time each evening. You should also try to give yourself some time away from your phone (or other screens) before going to sleep, as this will also help you to wind down and prepare for bed.

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