Clara: 11 Month Update

Welp little Clara-girl turned eleven months old a few weeks ago! I’ve had this post half written and pictures taken for weeks but no energy to finish it all up. We came down with a nasty round of hand, foot, and mouth disease that knocked us out but I am determined to get this posted before this little girl turns….dare I say it, one year old!! I mean, seriously, is this really happening? Soon I will have a one year old!!

Baby monthly update // 11 Months

Before getting sick, what a fun month of October we had!! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll remember we took ourselves a little trip to Disney World! Yes, us Oregonians braced the humid Florida weather and had a blast! Here’s my favorite picture of Clara from the trip! She had such a great time but more to come about that later next week.


Our biggest feat for the 11th month of this little girls life is that she started walking. Not much but she’ll take one or two unassisted steps here and there. The most she has done is three. I think she’ll definitely be walking by her first birthday.

Clara has started mimicking when we say something or make a noise. She’s just growing up so fast! She now says “uh oh” and “hi” along with the normal mama and dad.

Baby monthly update // 11 Months


Clara loves eating! Every time we eat she has to eat. One day, Justin called me from work and asked what I was up to. Embarrassingly I was hiding behind the couch playing peekaboo but actually I was taking a bite of lunch every time I hid. So ridiculous the things I’ve found myself doing since become a mom!

When we had all the feeding problems when Clara was a newborn everyone told me one day she would just stop using the nipple shield and that would be that. Well, 11 months later she absolutely refuses to eat without it. We have tried every trick in the book. One brave friend took me aside one day and told me that her little one didn’t stop using it until after 9 months. That seemed like for—-evvvv—er! Well, here we are! And honestly, it doesn’t really bother me anymore. It’s just life.

Baby monthly update // 11 Months


Clara has been sleeping a lot more lately. She wakes up around 10 and still has two decent naps during the day. This girl loves her sleep! Bedtime has changed to around 7:45.

She just loves her dada!

Baby monthly update // 11 Months


She weighs about 18 pounds 6 ounces. She continues to wear 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

Baby monthly update // 11 Months


Clara loves sucking on her toes! So adorable!!

She still loves making her “ooohhh” face. Everything is just so exciting to her.

When she’s sitting on Justin’s shoulders she will shimmy her little self to give him kisses all over his face. It is the absolute cutest! She also will hold onto his hair while she’s up there.

Halloween Clara was a little supergirl. She had so much fun!! We trick-or-treated in our friends’ neighborhood and hung out hiding from the rain.

Baby monthly update // 11 Months


Bananas. Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. Food of any kind. Her binky. Any type of music.

Baby monthly update // 11 Months


Going to strangers (or well anyone besides momma when in public). Broccoli.

She is such a happy, fun baby though. I wouldn’t trade this girl for anything!

What milestones can we expect next?

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