Clara: 3 Month Update


I cannot believe this girl has been apart of our lives for three whole months. She is getting such a personality and I just love watching her grow and change! Here’s our little update from this past month.


Clara is developing right on track. I just love seeing her grow up! She is rolling from front to back and so close to going from back to front. She can hold up her head for an indefinite amount of time. And tummy time is a breeze. Some babies hate it but things girl just hangs out and plays like superman on her mat.


She is in the major pre-teething stage and drooling a ton. Hence, the diy infinity scarf she now gets to wear. She also sneezes quite a bit. And when she does, it’s like a full body sneeze. So adorable! She also fake coughs to get attention. It’s just the sweetest. She likes to eat her hand. Like to the point of complete choking. Shoving her fingers down her throat until she gags herself. At least she’s good at self-soothing I guess.


As daddy likes to say, she’s our tiny little porker. She eats for about 45 minutes to an hour four times a day. Yep, four times a day only at three months. For about the last month she needs to be burped after every feeding but aw well.

She has made her own schedule down to within about 15 minutes give or take. Wakes up between 7:30 and 8. Eats until around 9. Plays. Nap from about 9:30-11:30. Eats and then plays. Nap from about 2-4. Eats and plays. Nap 6-8. Night time routine. Which leads us to sleeping….


This girl is seriously a dream baby. Friends, point me back to this post when we have our next child who doesn’t sleep through the night because I doubt we’ll get two babies like this. She sleeps 9.5 to 10.5 hours straight every night. Goes to sleep around 9:30 and wakes up around 7:45. She knows this momma really needs sleep to function so it works out well.



Clara is packing on the ounces! As of yesterday, she weighs 11 pounds 10 ounces. She has steadily been gaining weight. I still weigh her once a week just to make my mommy heart feel better with her only eating four times a day and sleeping so much but she is doing great. Check out those leg rolls she’s getting!


Momma. She definitely seems to have separation anxiety already when other people hold her.

Her swing. If we’re home, every nap is taken in her swing.

Rapping with daddy (sometime I’ll try and take a secret video of it without daddy noticing because it’s pretty cute).

Stuffing things in mouth. This girl likes to put everything soft in her mouth.

Talkin’. Everything is “unga-unga” or ooing and cooing. It’s the sweetest. And now she’ll even respond to us sometimes when we talk to her.


Falling asleep for naptime. She typically will wail for a minute or two right before falling asleep and then she’s out like a log.


Clara looks to have dirty blonde hair like me and gray-blue eyes. She has the most darling little dimple on her right cheek just like daddy. She has been told many times how she is such a beautiful baby. I may be bias, but I’d have to agree…

What milestones should I be waiting for in month 4?