Clara: 8 Month Update

A few days ago, Clarabel turned 8 months old. Today, is my one day a month I overwhelm the blog with all things baby, so please bare with me if you’d rather not see a thousand photos of my little one. It seems like just yesterday I was folding her tiny clothes wondering when the day would come that she could wear those tiny little onesies. Now, she’s way outgrown them and getting such a fun, crazy personality!

Baby Monthly Milestone Update

Here’s our update from the past month.


This month we didn’t have any major milestones hit, but she is just perfecting everything she does. Clara is crawling, fast, EVERYWHERE! No more army crawling anymore. All crawling is done on her knees and arms or a bear crawl with her butt in the air. She also pulls herself up on everything and will walk if you hold her hands. No new teeth for Clara. Still just the two she got around 6 months. Continues jabbering and talking. She knows her name and will say mama and dada, but we still aren’t sure if she knows the difference between the two.

Baby Monthly Milestone Update


Still the same routine we’ve been in from the last 6 months where she eats 4 times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime. As for solids, she eats usually about once or twice a day. Some days we get busy and she doesn’t eat any solid food but that’s okay. She’s doing great and loves eating! This week she ate beef roast and plums for the first time. She has almost mastered the pincer grasp and can pick up tiny pieces of food. Usually she still grabs fistfuls and just shoves her mouth full of food though.

Our one big dilemma this month has been while nursing she feels the need to climb all over me while eating. It makes it very difficult to feed her in public if I feel like I need to use a cover because there is no way a cover or blanket will stay on.

Baby Monthly Milestone Update


This little girl is seriously the best baby. I couldn’t be more blessed to have her as my first. We are in such a great routine where she plays by herself in the morning after breakfast and then when she comes to me, usually that means she’s ready for nap. I take her to her room, shut the curtains, turn on the fan, set her in her crib with her binky, and walk out. I don’t hear a peep and within a few minutes she’s out.

I’m writing this all out so that with the next baby I can look back and remember every child is so different. If you have a baby not this easy, please don’t feel discouraged!! Believe me, I’m sure my next baby will be a monster when it comes to sleeping. :)

She takes one nap in the morning and one nap in the afternoon. Around 8pm she gets fussy, eats dinner, and then goes down for bed around 9 and wakes up around 12 hours later.

Baby Monthly Milestone Update


Weight gain has definitely stabled out. Not sure how much she currently weighs but probably around 17 pounds. We switched pediatrician’s this month and our new doctor made a comment about how she is short so we’ll see how that plays out. My side of the family is very average height but my husband’s side is on both extremes. His dad’s side is very tall and mom’s side is really short so we’ll see what genes Clara gets.

Depending on the clothes Clara wears size 3-9 month clothes. Pants are usually 9 months and onesies are usually 6 months. Size 3 diapers.

Baby Monthly Milestone Update


I love your sweet gentle spirit. When I get you up in the morning you’ll gently pat my shoulder as we walk down the stairs singing in my ear. And you love playing the piano!

Your excitement for life…if you even hear daddy open the door to his office you look like you’re going to burst with excitement and giggles.

And then there’s the noises. For weeks all you did was sing almost constantly. It is the absolute sweetest. Right now, you love saying “ooohh!” That’s what you’re doing in this photo.

Baby Monthly Milestone Update


Definitely wants momma or daddy when we are in public. She has a hard time warming up to people, but after a half an hour or so she’ll be her normal, fun self.

Loves drinking from a sippy cup!

Loves to walk with her hands held.

Loves swimming class! We’ll be sad when that ends this month.

Blowing raspberries.

Baby Monthly Milestone Update


Does not enjoy soft mushy foods like baby food, avocado, or bananas. She doesn’t like the texture of broccoli.

Other than that, she’s so chill and really doesn’t have many dislikes.

We think she has a thing against people with beards. She tends to just stare at them all confused. I think it’s because daddy doesn’t have facial hair so she isn’t really used to it.

What milestones can we expect to hit this month?

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3 thoughts on “Clara: 8 Month Update

  1. She is such a cutie! It’s fun to compare her progress to Caleb’s since they’re so close in age. I have to say, though, that her sleep schedule gets me majorly jealous! ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, she is so sweet! I just found your blog, or I would have been following it much sooner- my first baby, Emma, was born right around the same time as Clara, and I feel like I’m reading about my own little one when I read this post. Like the nursing cover- haha! I don’t even try anymore. She thinks we’re playing peek-a-boo.

    Your month-by-month photos are great, by the way! I love how you chose a color theme. I just might have to do that with my second- whenever that happens. :)

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