Clara: 9 Month Update

My sweet little baby is 9 months and 9 months in my books is way too close to a year old! Insert ugly cry face here. We’ve had such a fun month and are in such a groove. She gets me. I get her. And long story short, I am even more in love with being her momma than I could have ever imagined…and I imagined a lot!

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9 Month Baby Update

Here’s our update from the past month.


Clara is so close to walking it’s ridiculous! She pulls herself up on everything and walks around the coffee table and couch very easily now. Yesterday, I swear she stood up from squatting. I wasn’t watching closely but I’m not sure what she would have grabbed onto to pull herself up so she must have just stood right up. Depending on her mood, she can pull herself to a standing position and stand unassisted for up to 20ish seconds.

Talking. That little girl babbles all day long! There is hardly a waking moment that there isn’t a little squeak or sound coming from her tiny baby voice. She is very bipolar when it comes to talking. Sometimes it’s a loud, high pitched squeal and other times it’s just a sweet, little almost whisper song.

Last night she learned to clap. We don’t really clap all that much but I suddenly clapped last night and she tried clapping. It was so darling!!

We finished swimming class on Monday and she did so great. I shared a few videos from our last class on Instagram. If you missed them, you can see them here and here.

Remember last month when I mentioned she scrambles when she hears her daddy coming? Well, I finally got a video of it a few days ago when I heard his car pull up after work. So adorable!


Well nothing has changed from our 8 month update on eating. She continues eating four times a day at the same times and eats table food when we eat. Honestly, this girl eats 1000% healthier than we do. I’m kinda jealous! We only give her real food, so pretty much fruits, vegetables, and meat. A few times she’s had pieces of bread but I think it’s only been 1 or 2 times. We still avoid nursing in public because she just is too squirmy and all over the place. I know a few people have wondered, and yes, we still use the nipple shield. She absolutely refuses to eat without it. It’s just become a normal part of meal time and it doesn’t really bother me anymore. Every few days I try to feed her without it and she just screams so I give in.

9 Month Baby Update

9 Month Baby Update


Sleeping hasn’t changed except she tends to get fussier a littler earlier these days so she is usually fed and in bed by around 8:15 and wakes up somewhere between 8 and 10.

Here’s a fun little tidbit…at the end of a yawn she scrunches her face and smiles. It’s the cutest!!



Our 9 month check up is in a few days but I’d say she weighs about 18 pounds and has grown probably an inch. We officially packed up all her three month clothes and smaller. I found some newborn onesies that she could still squeeze into but for the most part she wears 6-9 month onesies and 9 month pants.

9 Month Baby Update


Last week my sister started raising her eyebrows at Clara. Now, Clara gets this really stern, glaring look and then in an instant she’s full of smiles. We think she’s trying to raise her eyebrows but ends up laughing at herself. It’s so funny and definitely throws strangers off when she’s big smiles and then angry glaring at them.

9 Month Baby Update

This girl is such a goof though! We get out a lot and everywhere we go I’m told she is the goofiest baby they’ve ever met. She just makes the most ridiculous faces and is all about the reaction. She really knows how to put on a good show for people. My part-time day job is at our family’s retirement community and this little girl is our therapy baby. Who needs therapy dogs when you have Clara smiles?!

Every time Clara sneezes, she does a little chuckle at herself.

9 Month Baby Update

9 Month Baby Update


Her binky (although I only let her have it when we’re out in public or it’s sleep time).

Walking anywhere and everywhere.


Momma. And especially pulling my hair. Pulling mom’s hair is THE BEST!

Eating – we cannot eat food anymore without her wanting to eat too.

Splashing in the water.

Petting the dog and cat.

Music. This little girl loves music! Whether it’s playing the piano, banging on something like a drum, humming…she loves it all! Both her daddy and I were big music people so I love that it seems like she’ll be carrying that on.

This bathtime rubber ducky. She would take it to bed with her if I’d let her.

9 Month Baby Update


Camping with bright lights. We went camping with friends and although it went better than expected, she did not sleep well having all the random lights coming through the tent.

She really is such an easy baby and we were stumped trying to come up with dislikes. She is such a chill baby and go-with-the-flow.

Want to see more pictures from this girl’s life? Check out #ClarabelRose on instagram!

What milestones can we expect to hit this month?

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