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Baby one month update at Burlapandbabies.com
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Baby one month update at Burlapandbabies.com

Clara’s one month birthday flew by! So here I am doing a little update about our little one a little late. She is so great! And we just love this girl so much!! So here it goes.

Nicknames: Clarabear, my squishy, baby, princess, Clara-girl

Baby one month update at Burlapandbabies.com

Likes: smiling, her swing with the terrible nature music, snuggles, wubbanub, being in the moby, eating (we spend about five to seven hours a day nursing still), finding her voice

Dislikes: her mouth stretches we have to do 4-6x a day for her tongue and lip tie (well daddy does because mommy just wants to cry with her every time) and that’s about it. She’s very happy baby!

Baby one month update at Burlapandbabies.com

Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz

Sleep: Typically she sleeps 5-6 hours, which is awesome!! Then she eats for an hour, I bring her back to bed and she sleeps for another 2-3 hours.

Baby one month update at Burlapandbabies.com

Feeding: As of last week we started working on cutting out formula. Clara nurses about an hour long every hour to an hour and a half. For now we are still giving about 4-6 ounces of formula a day because she just isn’t gaining like she should be but we hope to cut that soon.

Baby one month update at Burlapandbabies.com

They think between the infections and the tongue and lip tie my supply just got too low so now it’s taking time to get back up there. Clara had craniosacral done again this week and the lady saw quite an improvement in Clara’s suck even in just one week so we know getting the tongue tie fixed was the right decision. She also is spitting up undigested breast milk the last few days meaning either her tongue is getting stronger and therefore she is getting milk quicker or my supply has increased and she is not used to getting so much. Either way, great news!!

One of the first things I noticed when she was born was that she got my monkey toes. I’m so sorry, baby girl! But aren’t they just darling?!

And check it out…you can see her dimple! It’s faint, but there! Just like her daddy’s!

Baby one month update at Burlapandbabies.com

Baby one month update at Burlapandbabies.com

Thanks friends for all your support and encouraging words through this crazy first month we had! I’m sad that she isn’t a tiny, sleeping newborn anymore but on the other hand I’m so excited to get to know this little girl and see what kind of tiny human she will become.

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