Dear Little One #3

Dear Little One | love letters from mommy and daddy

Dear Little One,

You sure do like to keep us on our toes. One week our dr mentions that scary preeclampsia word and we google the heck out of that. Then the next week we find out mommy doesn’t have preeclampsia but maybe something called cholestasis of pregnancy. Sounds like we have a fun road ahead of us and praying we caught it early enough to keep you safe inside until you’re ready to come out.

But in case you do decide to come early, at least we’ll be able to get you home in your new carseat and you’ll have a warm bed to sleep in…well as soon as the replacement side arrives in the mail. Aw the important things in life now!!

For now, daddy continues to read you stories each night. Last night was Dragon in a Wagon. I think you’ll like that one. It’s silly and cheesy! And between you and me, you may finally have a name! I thought you might be stuck as Baby G forever but I think I might just be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Until next time sweet little girl…keep on cooking and growing nice and strong!



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2 thoughts on “Dear Little One #3

    1. Thanks Amanda! Good to hear! As the weeks keep ticking by we’re feeling some major pressure. :)

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