distressed side table | goodwill updo

Another fantastic goodwill find updo under my belt. One night on my way past Goodwill I decided to just stop in at Goodwill to look for a side table. I asked mr g how much I had to spend, and he said $30. We walked straight in to the furniture section and right there was the perfect table. Could not have imagined it more fantasticly!! And it was only $14.99.

It started with a hideous green color and wood top. It needed a good sanding and painting but if you look past the finishes, it had great bones so I was in.

This is what mr g gets for having me work with the power tools. I told him I was done sanding but wanted him to double check that I had sanded everywhere and he just laughs at me and says keep going. He sanded half the table to show me what it should look like. Bahahaha I clearly have things to learn. Can you guess which side I did and which side he did?

Once I got it all sanded though, I was golden. Just took two or three nights of hand sanding the legs and all the little grooves but isn’t it just so refreshing to have a clean slate to work on?!

After it was sanded, I started with one coat of gray paint over the whole table. I then took a wax candle and rubbed it on some of the edges to add a little flair and then paint over the whole table with white. Once the white dried a full 24 hours, I took sand paper and lightly sanded over the areas to pull off the white paint where the wax was. Finally, I sealed the whole table with polycrylic water based finish and added a new handle to the drawer.

It turned out so perfect and has a nice distressed look going for it so it can get banged up and won’t even matter since it’s in a high-traffic area in our home. I’d say I can mark that one off as another success!

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