DIY Home Renovation Projects for Beginners

Have you ever watched home renovation TV shows like The Block, Property Brothers or Fixer Upper and thought, ‘I’d love to do that!’.

Well, if you are a novice at DIY, it is understandable why you might not have started a project on your home yet. After all, the thought of knocking down walls and ripping up floorboards can seem quite daunting.

However, you are never going to develop DIY renovation skills if you don’t try. So, to help you build up your confidence, why not start on these smaller home renovation projects?

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DIY Renovation Projects for Beginners

All of the projects outlined below are relatively easy to complete. However, to help you perform them, you should find plenty of video tutorials available on YouTube.

It is worth noting that they will result in waste materials that you will need to get rid of responsibly to protect yourself and the environment.

For this reason, you might want to get in contact with 1300 Rubbish or another such company that can help you do that.

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1. Painting

If you are a novice, one of the easiest DIY activities you can do to spruce up your home is painting.

It is amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint can make to the look and feel of a room. Moreover, it is also a very easy job to get fixed if you don’t like the colour scheme you chose or if you don’t do as good a job applying it as you’d hoped.

Walls are an obvious starting point, particularly in a part of the house that isn’t seen as often. But once you have developed your technique and found your brush stroke mojo, you should consider repainting other surfaces, such as your doors, window frames and kitchen cabinets.

There are lots of different paints you can choose from, but using natural paints is a good idea.

2. Tapware Upgrades

Are your taps in need of a bit of sprucing up? Irrespective of whether they are in your kitchen or bathroom, upgrading them is a terrific way to modernise the overall look of the room.

You have several options here, including pillar, ball, disc, wall-mounted and cartridge tanks. Just remember to turn off the water at the mains before you attempt to change them.

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3. Door Handles

It is not just tapware you can spruce up. The handles on your kitchen cabinetry and bedroom cupboards can all be upgraded to.

They come in all shapes and sizes, including edge profiles, knobs, bows and T-bar handles. All of which would be easy to put on and add a serious dose of personality to any piece of furniture.

4. Kitchen Splashback

In recent years, particularly for new builds, kitchen splashbacks have become all the rage.

Not only can they look beautiful, but they also serve the important purpose of protecting the walls behind your kitchen surfaces. They are particularly useful near sinks, where water can often cause damage, and behind worktop ovens and microwaves, as they prevent heat and steam from damaging the structure.

If you don’t have a splashback or need your upgrading, this is a relatively straightforward task to do. Just make sure the materials you use for the splashback can stand up to high heat and water. Stainless steel, marble and porcelain are very good choices.

5. Build A Fire Pit

How does the thought of kicking back under the stars in a garden chair next to a fire pit, with a beer or prosecco sound?

Well, if this is your idea of living you should consider building yourself a fire pit.

Fire pits are a great way to improve the appeal of your backyard. While they are designed to contain a fire and stop it from spreading, it is a good idea to build yours a little bit away from your home.

Good materials to use include stone or concrete, although brick, metal, or even upcycled items like an old truck tyre work pretty well, too.

6. Floating Floors

A new floor can completely transform the look and feel of a room, and it is surprisingly easy to put down. Although, it can take a while to do so if you have a big space you need to cover.

There are quite a few options available including laminate, vinyl plank and several hybrid flooring choices you could plumb for. However, you should try to pick one that is easy to clean.

7. Outdoor Bathroom

If you are feeling a bit more confident in your DIY ability and have the space, why not try to build an outdoor bathroom?

You should check with your local council if you need planning permission and what rules might apply to greywater. However, if you can do this, it will bring a whole new ambience to your backyard area.

The likes of Greys Online, Gumtree or your local junkyard are good places to pick up an old bathtub relatively inexpensively, while you will be able to get the pipe fittings from Bunnings or Mitre 10.

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