Make This DIY Ombre Dye Pillow

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Make this ombre dye pillow to decorate in your living room. This dip dye method is perfect for DIY home decor.

Throughout the past six months we have been on a mission to transform our living room. Starting with buying a stunning new chaise lounge couch and ditching old furniture from college, we’ve been slowly making things over. I shared out modern living room inspiration here and I’ve been working on finding items that fit in our space.

I’ve found a few throw pillows, but nothing dark that I really LOVE to bring in a little more black. So what does a good DIY-er do? DIY one.

Make this ombre dye pillow to decorate in your living room. This dip dye method is perfect for easy DIY home decor. #diy #homedecor

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This ombre dye pillow turned out so great and I love how it looks in our space next to this blush pillow and this textured knit throw I found on super sale a few week’s ago.

Image of ombre dye pillow and throw

Slowly but surely the room is coming together and I can’t wait to show you the finished space soon!

Craft Time: 1.5 hours
Waiting Time: 24 hours
Skill Level: Easy
Cost: ~$20

Materials to make your ombre dye pillow

*Please read the instructions on the dye that you purchase. This is the process that worked for me, but please make sure you read the instructions thoroughly for yourself. The instructions below are based on the materials I provided above with the polyester case and iDye Poly. Instructions may be different if you use other materials.

I accidentally did not use iDye Poly the first time I tried dying the pillow and that pillow case did not turn out. The second attempt traveled up the damp pillow too much and turned out as pictured below. Not quite the look I was hoping for.

So learn from my mistakes and go with the process I figured out on attempt #3.

Image of mid-century chair with ombre throw pillow


1. Wash Cushion Case

Start by washing your pillow case in warm water with soap. This gets off any chemicals that are left on the fabric from the factory.

2. Mix Dye

Fill a stainless steel pot with about 1″ of warm water and place it on a burner set to medium-high. Pour the dye and intensifier into the water and stir around until it’s all mixed together.

Take note that your wooden spoon will now be a craft tool. Ours is permanently black now and stored in the craft room. 

Image of ombre dye pillow iDye poly

3. Boil 30-60 Minutes

Take your damp cushion case and carefully set the bottom inch in the water. Try not to splash around too much because any dye that gets on the inside of the pot might transfer over to your case that you don’t want to be colored.

Once your water is to a rolling boil, let it boil for 30-60 minutes (depending on how dark you want). I left mine in for a good hour before taking it out since I wanted the bottom part BLACK.

Make sure you do not run out of water. At one point I dyed a pillow and got distracted on a phone call and forgot to check the pot and it ran out of water and singed the bottom of the pillow a little. Oops! Thankfully since it’s dyed black you can’t even notice unless you look real close.

Stir your pot every 5-10 minutes to make sure your cushion case is getting evenly dyed.

Image of ombre dye pillow in pot

4. Rinse

Once your pillow is the color you desire, get your sink running to warm water, put your gloves on, and rinse out your cushion case. Make sure and hold the case with the dyed edge towards the bottom of the sink so no running dye gets on the part you want left white.

As your water starts to run clear, slowly turn your faucet to cold to close up the fabric fibers.

Image of ombre dye pillow rinse

5. Dry

Set your cushion case somewhere to dry for a few days and you’re done! The shower is a great place or somewhere clean in the garage.

Image of ombre throw pillow

I love how this pillow turned out and Mini Me loves that we made the pillow cases. She thinks that’s just the best thing ever!

Not interested in DIY-ing your own ombre dye pillow? I found this charcoal ombre pillow on Society6 that is gorgeous and looks very similar.

Image of ombre dye pillow on couch

Also, have I mentioned recently how OBSESSED I am with our new couch? It’s pretty much my favorite thing ever and if my husband would let me, I’d sleep every night on it it’s seriously that comfy!

Image of modern couch

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