Home Goals 2014

After six months, our house is finally starting to look like a home…throughout. That first month I worked really hard to finish a few rooms so that I would feel better about myself, but as the months moved on I lacked motivation to finish the rest of the house. Now I’ve finally got my butt into gear, sewed curtains until I didn’t think I could anymore, and have searched every clearance store around to find the finishing details for rooms to feel complete. But it’s still not enough. Yes, yes! I realize that’s very first-world of me but there’s big projects or more expensive details that I would love to get completed.

I imagine myself turning into Joe Schmo down the road who’s been saying for the past 30 years they were planning on doing this or that but just never got around to it. So mr g and I sat down the other night and made a list of what big projects we would really like to do this year. Blooming Homestead challenged readers to set 2014 home goals so that helped inspire this list.

2014 Home Goals

1. Get a new front door. I hate our current door. It has a large oval window and our door faces our stairs inside the home. If mr g has already gone to bed, when I head to bed and turn out all the lights, I end up bounding a little bit up the stairs as I’m sure that someone is outside watching me. Besides the fact I can’t ever sneak up to see who’s ringing my doorbell. Boo!! What if I want to pretend I’m not home?? How will I know? SO I hope to buy a new front door. I’m thinking one like this might be just lovely!


2. Build raised garden beds and plant produce in time to help cushion our budget this summer. I’ve already got major plans in place for this. Well I guess major plans as in I’ve pinned a bit to start planning. It’s a work in progress. I know where I want them to go through and now I just need to buy the supplies and build them.

3. Build a coffee table. I still am dreaming up one like this for our living room. One day this year it will happen.

4. Frame the mirrors in our guest bathroom and master bathroom. Like Rhoda from Southern Hospitality has so kindly taught us how to do.

Framing those boring mirrors

And last but not least…

5. My hobby room! Sewing corner, craft table, silhouette stand, and organization. Long story short, that room needs some major work (look below if you dare)!! I’ve been working on my craft room pinboard for months now trying to figure out what my vision and main goals are for this room. I’m excited to actually put these dreams into reality. Below is what my hobby room looks like currently. It’s been our dumping grounds for anything related to me and my hobbies. Books, frames, canvases, sewing stuff, vinyl, silhouette (plus all it’s accessories), Africa stuff, and a bunch more! You can’t even see the closet that’s chucked full behind me. How embarrassing but ya know what?! I am determined to show you a picture in the not so far future that looks pretty kick butt. So just all you doubters be watching.

Hobby room before makeover | 2014 Home Goals

Over the past month we have been working like crazy people to get mr g’s office somewhat finished. Seeing as he spends 40+ hours a week in his office (he works from home), it was definitely a high priority! And I must say it’s looking pretty fabulous. Pictures to come soon of his office makeover.

Now on to you, what diy goals do you have for your home? Leave a link in the comments below.

2014 Home Goals

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4 thoughts on “Home Goals 2014

  1. Home projects when you are diy-ing seem to never end. We started remodeling our home almost 3 year ago and while we have most of the major projects done, we still are not finished. Right now I am anxiously awaiting spring to get here so I can open our windows and sand our wood floors!

  2. Thanks for being so open with your home. We’re gearing up to totally redo our look and some remodeling projects to make it less cluttered and more efficient, something that has to be done after 10 years in a home, so your ideas are very helpful and encouraging. I’d love to see more organizing ideas. : )

  3. We love the front door, can you tell me the brand that it is, or website I cant find it. We live in North East Pennsylvania, hopefully I can track it down with a supplier here.


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