Housewarming Gift Ideas to Consider

If you have a friend, family member, or colleague who recently moved into a new home, chances are that you want to give them a gift when you first visit them in their new abode. It can sometimes be tricky to figure out what to buy in these situations, so read on for some ideas that might inspire you.

Welcome Mat

Many people focus on the key internal products they need for a new home, meaning that a door mat may be an afterthought. However, you can help those who have just moved into a new place to welcome all of their family, friends, and other guests by purchasing them a striking mat to put at their front door.

You may even want to source a personalized, customized option that mentions their names or some other detail you know applies to them. Be sure to choose something sturdy, easy to clean, and that will hold up to wear and tear over time.


Glassware is something that people use all the time and will never go astray. As such, this makes for a fantastic gift for a housewarming. You might like to pick out some special wine or champagne glasses, for instance, or even some low- or hi-ball glassware if you know the people you’re buying for like to drink scotch or other spirits. Another option is a beautiful pack of glasses for everyday use for water and other drinks.


Similarly, a classical, funky, or otherwise interesting vase is a product most people would enjoy receiving. You might like to buy a special cut-glass vase, a handblown glass option, or one made from upcycled materials, among other things. Plus, you can take along a bouquet of fresh flowers for the gift recipients so they can use your present immediately.


Pillows may not seem like the most obvious item to buy for a housewarming, but they’re a practical good that many people may not think to purchase new themselves or want to outlay much money on when moving. You could buy your friends or family members some throw pillows for their couches or outdoor pillows to use on a bench seat, sun lounge, or elsewhere.

Or, you could purchase a wedge pillow for each person if you know they like to recline in bed to read or watch television, have back pain or asthma, or often end up using their laptop in bed for work or other things.


A related item you could add to your shortlist of ideas is a throw. Many people like to have a pretty throw handy on their sofa for chillier nights or to decorate beds in their homes. Throws can also be handy to store in an office, media room, gaming area, or the like. Pick out a throw made from a soft-to-the-touch material that is also as natural and breathable as possible, and the gift is sure to be a hit.

Scented Candles or Diffuser

Scent is one of the senses that most of us don’t remember to pay enough attention to. However, having lovely smells emanating around our home spaces can make us feel relaxed, alert, comfortable, cozy, contented, and other positive feelings. As a result, you might like to purchase some scented candles or a diffuser for the people you know who have recently moved into a new place.

As you shop the extensive ranges on offer, try to keep in mind particular scents that you may know the newly-moved gift recipients do or don’t love, and try to buy options that aren’t so unique, scent-wise, that they could be hit or miss for the recipients’ tastes.

Customized Return Address Stamp

If you’re keen to give your friends or family members something truly memorable yet practical as a housewarming gift, what about a customized return address stamp with their new address? You’ll need to allow enough time to order this in advance and have it shipped to yourself or straight to the door of the gift recipients.

However, this is a type of good that most people would never think to buy as a present, thus allowing you to surprise and delight your loved ones. It will make sending mail a breeze for them and help cement the fact that they’re settling into their new home.

Other housewarming gift ideas you could browse for include a small piece of art, an elegant chopping board, a coffee table book, or some wine or a fancy small wine rack. Also, consider a custom house portrait, some quality olive oil, a sheet set, a cake stand, or a convenient tool set for completing jobs around the house.

As you shop for present ideas, keep your friends’ or family’s personalities and tastes in mind and think about what they may already own and what they’d actually use. As you can see, though, there are plenty of excellent options to choose from.

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