How to Make a Concrete Vase

Check out this simple concrete vase to fit your style. This geometric cement vase is super easy to DIY!

When I made our cement candle holders, I knew I wanted to make some more fun projects with cement. Well, today I’m excited to show you this super easy concrete vase.

Time to create your own concrete vase. This geometric cement vase is super easy to DIY! #vase #diyvases #homedecor #gardendecor



1. Mix Cement

Mix cement in a large plastic cup until it’s the right consistency and filled about 2” from the top. Paint stirring sticks work really well for mixing cement!


2. Tap

Strongly tap the cup with cement on a flat surface to get rid of any air bubbles.

Image of concrete vase tap

3. Center Mold

Push a small plastic cup into the center of the cement mixture until it’s level with the large cup.

Image of concrete vase push

4. Air Pockets

Tap the cup down again to get out as many air pockets as possible.

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5. Tape

Tape over the top of the cups to hold the smaller cup in the cement mixture or place a heavy object on top to hold it down.

Image of concrete vase tape

6. Dry

Let it dry at least 24 hours.

Image of concrete vase cup

7. Remove

Now comes the time to remove the mold. Use a utility knife to cut off the plastic cup, if needed.

Image of concrete vase knifeImage of concrete vase peelImage of concrete vase dry

8. Smooth

Trim the rough cement around the top using the utility knife and smooth out the edge using sandpaper.

Image of concrete vase shave

Image of concrete vase trim

9. Paint

Once it’s cleaned up, tape off a design and paint it. After it’s dry, remove the tape and enjoy.

Image of concrete vase final3

I love how this vase turned out and was such a simple DIY project! Projects don’t have to take hours or take lots of supplies.

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Image of concrete vase final2

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  1. I’ve found that plants do not do well in newly solid concrete. Waiting a few weeks to plant while the new pot cures outside helps the plants survive.

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