How to Get Your Kids to Like Math

Not all children love mathematics and it is difficult for parents and teachers to instill in them a love for this science. They turn to experienced teachers for help, find game material, get the curriculum that would be perfect for the child, but all this does not help. Let’s look at different ways to get kids to enjoy math.

Why Does the Child not Like Math?

To solve a problem, you need to find out its cause. We have identified the main points that are most often encountered. These are the main reasons why a child does not want to study mathematics or does not like it.

  • Demotivation. The child is surrounded by pressure from all sides. At school it’s the teachers; at home it’s the parents. You think he’s not trying, but maybe you caused him to hate math.
  • A fear to make a mistake. The teacher explains the rules to the children with simple examples. Then he gives home assignments and says that they are more difficult. The child is afraid that he will not cope with a more difficult task.
  • Misunderstanding the basics. This is a very popular problem when a child does not understand and does not like math. He did not understand something at the beginning and now it is difficult for him when the material accumulates. Mathematics is taught from basic things, simple arithmetic operations, but then each formula grows like a snowball.
  • Boring homework. Often parents do not have time to help their child with homework. The kid does homework on his own and may not understand something. He fails to solve the problem and gets bored.
  • Fear of comparison. Children are often compared to others and point out their weaknesses. This becomes a problem because children do not like to be compared. They consider themselves backward or stupid because these guys were able to solve the problem and they were not.
  • The speed of understanding the subject. School groups usually have about 30 children and a specific program. Each child has their own strengths and weaknesses, but math is taught the same way to everyone. Some children understand faster, others need more time. But the training goes further and they lose the essence but are afraid to ask.

Many parents do not know how to find an approach to their child, so they see such a result. But only you can teach him to love this science. Experienced teachers offer certain solutions, but this requires your participation, attention and patience. To see the result, parents must act too.

How May you Help Your Kid to Like Math?

Mathematics is a difficult but very important subject of the school curriculum. But not all children are willing to learn it. It is important to instill a love for this science in a child from an early age. When he goes to school, he has more difficulties and the study of the subject becomes problematic. There are several ways to make math interesting for a child.

  • Find math in real life. The exact sciences surround us everywhere, you need to show this to a child. Count together or study what shapes objects in the house consist of (a glass is a cylinder, a bed is a rectangle, etc.). The older a person is, the more interesting the mathematics around him becomes.
  • Start playing to love math. Learning in a playful way is a great solution. You can find a large selection of board or computer games. A large selection allows you to find a suitable game for children of different age categories and different levels of titles.
  • Solve difficult problems together. Examples in textbooks are sometimes boring, and for those who have already understood the topic, they may seem too easy. To prevent your child from falling out of love with mathematics, stir up interest with difficult but feasible puzzles. This will help the child get rid of the fear that he will not be able to solve difficult problems.
  • Read books. Paradoxically, literature can increase interest in mathematics and inspire one’s own research. Artistic stories about mathematics and unusual collections and problem books are suitable for younger schoolchildren and teenagers. There are many suitable literature for elementary school students. The plot is the main character who is studying mathematics and everyone around him is helping.
  • Watch educational videos. These can be educational videos or educational cartoons. Watch with your child, maybe he will have questions or some hero will become his favorite character. Kids love cartoons, find it with math direction.

Always motivate and encourage your child. He can solve the problem and then you will go to the park. Show that this science can be interesting and exciting. Any child is a unique person, but only parents know how to find an approach to their baby.

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