Have You Considered Flowers For Him? Now You Might

We all constantly hear about how important it is to give women flowers, but have you heard the same thing in relation to men? A woman will always be delighted with any flower gift, whether it be luxurious peonies or modest myosotis, you can choose go to. In the hands of a man, the same myosotis will look at least strange. Are men given flowers at all? By and large, this is the same peculiar way of expressing any warm feelings. We will not talk about the fact that you can give flowers to a man for no reason, just like that. Who knows how he will react to this! It is better to talk about those cases when it is always appropriate.

What flowers to give a man

So, a birthday is a good occasion for such a gift. You need to understand that men are given flowers based on their age and achievements. Is it possible to give a man any flowers? Not quite, because for men’s bouquets there are slightly stricter rules of etiquette than for women’s. Flowers for a man are mainly chosen in bright and dark, saturated shades: burgundy, blue, purple, etc., because delicate pastel colors like pink will always be associated with women’s flowers bouquets. When choosing which flowers to give a man, it is very important to also take into account their meaning. If you’re really stuck, why not try international flower delivery for something totally unique? Here are the most common flowers that are commonly used in men’s bouquets.


In truth, a male flower, also called the “knight’s star.” Amaryllis symbolizes pride, courage and independence. It is worth giving to a man endowed with such qualities or to the one in whom you want to see them.


Burgundy, ash or white roses will decorate even the most brutal bouquet, adding a drop of grace to it. However, we do not recommend giving mono-bouquets of roses to men.


With their laconic form, calla lilies perfectly set off the male straightforward character. These noble and slender flowers come in different shades: white callas are suitable for freedom-loving men who value purity of thought and fidelity, while burgundy or purple ones will be an excellent gift for a passionate dreamer and adventurer. Therefore, if you are thinking about what flowers to give your beloved man for his birthday, callas will come in handy.


It is often called “man’s happiness”. A bright, juicy flower is the best suited for a present for a man. It attracts glances and symbolizes courage and passion, and a bouquet of anthurium, placed at home, has a positive effect on family relationships and brings only positive emotions to its owner. These are lovely flowers for your husband’s birthday present.


For bold men who like to be the center of attention and always get their way, these large and bold flowers of an ornamental sunflower will do just fine. Sunflowers have been associated with the sun, warmth and life itself since ancient times. You can give them to men for any occasion.

Edible bouquet for a man

If it seems to you that flowers for a man are not your option, you are here. Every woman knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So feed him an edible bouquet! We will collect your man’s favorite goodies and pack them into a bouquet – beautiful and satisfying! And most importantly – original. If your loved one lives abroad, you can even take advantage of international flower delivery services to ensure that the perfect edible bouquet arrives directly under the door!

Note: a men’s bouquet of flowers should be beautifully decorated, but this is not about bows, ribbons, sparkles and beads. The packaging must be transparent or tinted. Too bright, as well as corrugated wrappers should not be used, as well as a combination of live plants with artificial ones. The flower arrangement should look restrained, concise and elegant.

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