How to Give Your Home A Positive Energy

In a chaotic world, it’s important that we have somewhere relaxing and enjoyable in which we can rest and simply be at ease. And the obvious place to choose would, of course, be our homes. If that’s a positive and happy place, then we’ll have the energy we need to take on the mania of the wider world.

However, it’s important to remember that your home won’t automatically have positive energy. It’s something that you’ll need to make happen. In this blog, we’ll show you how to do just that. We’ll go through some tried and tested tips that’ll ensure your home very much has a positive energy running through its veins.

Exterior Presentation

Most people spend the bulk of their time working to make the interior part of their home look and feel great. But you shouldn’t discount the front of your house. If you can get this part right, then you’ll be happy each and every time you arrive home. So what should you do? It’s all about boosting the property’s curb appeal. For instance, you could get some plants in the ground, add a hanging basket, paint your front door a fun color, and also consider adding some pleasant lighting. None of these things are difficult to do, and they have the power to transform the front of your house.

Nail the Entrance

You should always start as you mean to go. If you’ve got the front of your house right, then don’t miss the opportunity to nail the entrance part of your house. The hallway often functions as a little more than a transition from the exterior world to the interior world, but it does set the tone for the rest of your house. You can ensure your entrance sets you on a positive path by adding a mirror, some flowers, and a place to store your belongings (coat, keys, shoes). Also, try to keep the color of the paint as light and inviting as possible.

Light and Bright

And it’s not just your entranceway that should be as light and bright as possible. Your whole house should be! It’s much more enjoyable to live in a home that gets plenty of natural light. Of course, you can’t always make the sun shine, but you can ensure it can enter your home when it is sunny outside. You can make your window space bigger, but if that project is too big for you, try changing your windows (old windows limit light), add mirrors at the access point (they’ll beam light around your home), and keep clunky furniture away from your window spaces.

Room to Move

Positivity needs room to breathe. And if your home is overly cluttered, then that’s not what you’ll have. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re being boxed in by your property, and that can begin to feel claustrophobic — and can even have an impact on our mental health. As such, it’s best to look at making your property as spacious as possible. You can do this most easily by investing in smart storage solutions, so you don’t need to have any more items “on show” than necessary. If you don’t know where to start, then you can simply follow the principles of the minimalist movement.

Deep Comfort

You can’t feel truly relaxed in your house if you’re not comfortable. Your property should provide a space for you to truly put your body at ease because if you can put your body at ease, then your mind can relax, too. Happily, we live in an age that deeply admires comfort, so it’s easy enough to add some comfort touches to your house. You can take yourself a long way just by investing in new linens, such as soft bed sheets, couch covers, towels, and so forth. You’ll find that it’s much easier to really feel the positivity that you’ve created once your body is deeply relaxed.

Personal Touches

What better way to add some positivity than by adding some personal touches that remind you of things, people, and places you love? You can add items picked up from your travels, things related to your passions and hobbies, photos of friends and family members, and so on. So long as they have a positive impact on how you feel, it’s fair game.

Add A Loving Animal

It would be handy if you could easily give your house an extra serving of love. And not a small serving, but a huge serving. That would have a big impact on the overall energy of your property. But, it turns out, you actually can do this — it’s called getting a pet. Of course, not all pets will have the same impact. At the top of the list is, of course, a dog. They return all the love you give them by a factor of ten. Some breeds are more loving and friendly than others; labrador retrievers, like those available at, are particularly loving. You’ll need to prepare your home for the arrival of another creature, of course, and it’s not something you should jump into. But if you decide it’s for you, you’ll feel the benefit in your house, and in your wider life, too.

Calming Scents

We often forget that we’re animals ourselves and that our bodies naturally respond to certain things. Probably the most overlooked aspect is the smell of the house. While a neutral scent probably won’t have a negative impact, you will be missing out on the possibilities that a nice scent can have on your life. So take a look at adding some incense or a diffuser to your home. You’ll be creating a pleasant space that works on your mood in subtle ways. It’s one of the easier ways to make your home a calming, more relaxing space.

Plants Galore

There’s something about plants that has a positive impact on humans. Perhaps it’s because of our deep relationship with the natural world. All too often, we’re cut off from nature, even though it has been shown by many, many reports to have a positive impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. You can’t always get out into the natural world, but you can bring a touch of nature into your home just by adding some plants. The more you add to your home, the greater the impact will be. Plus, your home will just look a lot nicer — it’s very pleasing to walk into a room that’s got multiple plants brightening up the space.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

If you’re looking for a way to give your home a fresh and clean feel, then take a look at adding a fresh lick of paint. This is an obvious way to improve your home, but it’s recommended because it has such a positive impact on the overall feel of the house. The color of the paint will have an impact — something light and bright is the way to go.


What happens in your home life influences what you can achieve in your social and professional life. So it’s worthwhile investing in your home, even if you’re only renting. And while there are plenty of specific changes you can make, not all of them will be applicable to your position. However, if you can go in with a mindset of “positivity,” then you’ll definitely end up on the right path. And once you get going, you’ll find that your efforts begin to have a broad positive impact on your life, too.

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