Ideas For Throwing an Eco-Friendly Party

Whether you are in the process of planning a wedding, a birthday party, or any other event, you may have gotten the idea that this should be an eco-friendly celebration. You can easily envision the warm sun of the summer, your guests enjoying cool drinks while having interesting conversations, and listening to music that encourages everyone to have a good time. You may want everyone to get with your idea and offer your guests eco-friendly T-shirts while they place themselves around the grill that has just been fired up or a fire pit around which they may enjoy a nice drink or two.

Your eco-friendly imagery may take a detour when you think about the disposable utensils and plastic glasses and plates that you will have to purchase and which will be thrown away after a single use. There has to be a way for you to throw an eco-friendly party. Let’s see what you can do to accomplish this.

Start With the Décor

Balloons and banners may look festive and give the ambiance that says party as soon as you walk in, but they are nothing more than a bunch of plastic that will only be enjoyed for a few hours and then thrown away. Prefer paper banners, and if you can save them and reuse them, even better. Use flower petals instead of confetti to decorate the tables. A picture of the couple or the guest of honor can be displayed in a simple frame at the entrance. Fill mason jars with colorful candles and flowers. Make your flowery decorations by learning how to make beautiful paper flowers in matching colors. Wildflowers and branches can also be a part of your décor.

Forget Paper Invitations

These days, it is not uncommon to receive invitations to parties and weddings in an email. Save the environment, time, and money by sending online invitations that will not produce any waste and will save you the trip to the post office to mail them. Take advantage of the invitation to announce to all guests that this will be an eco-friendly event.

Patronize Local Businesses

Knowing where your food is coming from is also important in an eco-friendly event. Shop locally for the food, and plan a plant-based menu with locally grown fruits and vegetables. Visit the local farmer’s markets to help you create the menu you desire. Go with some recipes in mind to make sure you get all the needed ingredients.

Enlist Your Guests for Pickup

When the time comes for the party to end, it is a good idea to have different, clearly-marked trash cans. Tell your guests that everything will be recycled. Have a trash can for food scraps, glass bottles, cartons, plastics, etc. You’ll be surprised to see how willing your guests are to cooperate with your ecological ambitions.

Suggest Sustainable Gifts

Unless you are hosting a wedding where gifts are an integral part of the celebration, if this is a birthday party for an adult, ask them if they need any gifts. They may suggest that people give donations to their favorite charity. Or maybe the celebrated person would be happy to receive a gift certificate for a massage or a beauty treatment, or they would be just as happy to receive a potted plant.

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