Log Cabin Thermography Inspection: What Is It & Do You Need It?

The timeless beauty of log cabins is certainly appealing to everyone. So, when you decide to build one, you will undeniably be quite happy, and ready to enjoy your time spent in the property. But, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that these cabins will have to be regularly maintained later on, if you want them to remain in great condition.

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So, in short, you need to carefully examine these properties on a regular basis, in order to check for certain issues, and especially those that could compromise their structure and integrity. Among other things, what you should do is consider investing in thermography inspection, aiming at identifying any hidden problems that could be lurking and damaging the property. If you don’t have much experience with those inspections, you probably have a few questions in your mind about it.

For starters, you are wondering what it actually entails. And then, you are also not sure whether you really need it for your log cabin. Those are, of course, extremely important questions, and we will answer them for you below, hoping to shed light on the entire concept. Of course, we will also talk a bit about the process of getting this service, so that you can be sure you are doing the right thing when the time comes to have the property inspected.

What Is Thermography Inspection?

Let us begin with the basics, though. We cannot proceed to talk about whether you need a thermography inspection for your log cabin if you don’t even know what it entails and how it is done. As you will quickly see, this concept really isn’t difficult to understand, and it can actually be rather useful. Click this to get the general definition.

In simple words, thermography inspection consists of the use of infrared cameras so as to detect any temperature anomalies and variations within the structure of your log cabin. The technique is non-invasive, and it allows you to check for any moisture intrusion, heat loss, as well as electrical issues and any other problems that you are unable to see with the naked eye. The thermal images of the exterior and the interior of the cabin provide you with important insights into the general condition of the logs and the entire property.

Do You Need It for Your Log Cabin?

Having understood what thermography inspection entails, the next thing you are wondering is whether you actually need to get these services for your log cabin. The short answer is yes! But, I suppose that you are looking for a longer answer, meaning that you are really wondering why it is that these services are so important. So, let us cover that as well.

For starters, this type of inspection will allow you to do an energy efficiency assessment. Sure, log cabins have natural insulation properties, but some gaps and air leaks could be compromising energy efficiency. The thermal images will help you detect any leaks, gaps and any heat loss in general, thus helping you ultimately improve the insulation and increase energy efficiency.

Moving on, the images can also help you discover any moisture intrusion. We all know that moisture is one of the biggest enemies of log cabins, given that it can lead not only to mold growth, but also to wood decay and structural deterioration. By identifying the sources of moisture intrusion with the help of thermography inspection, you can prevent mold infestation and water damage. Thus, keeping your cabin in good shape.

Identifying faulty wiring, electrical components overheating, as well as any other potential electrical problems, you will increase the safety of the property, and of the occupants by preventing fires and other hazards. On top of all this, early detection of all of those problems is extremely important. And, infrared cameras are your sure path towards discovering any problems on time, before they cause some more serious structural or electrical issues.

How to Get the Services?

Now that you have a clearer idea about why these services are important, the next thing you will want to do is understand how to get them in your specific area. Well, if you, for example, live in Milton, PA, the first thing to do is search for professionals in that area that offer their services. You are bound to find at least a few great companies by getting suggestions from other people or by searching for them online, while remembering to add the location to your searches.

Of course, you will also have to carefully research the various companies you’ll find in Milton, or anywhere else, before choosing one. Check experience and reputation. Then, get in touch, assess the quality of communication and compare the prices, as well as all the other important information you have found, and finally make your choice and schedule the log cabin thermography inspection.

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