The Hated Gifts…Plus More!

Today is my birthday. And ya know what?

I hate birthdays! Yep…I said it. I. Hate. Birthdays.

Maybe hate is a strong word but I greatly, greatly, GREATLY dislike birthdays. I dislike the anticipated expectations a person has. I hate stressing over if I’ve given the perfect gift or if I’ve hinted enough at what I think the perfect gift for me would be.

I dislike feeling like I’ve failed when I didn’t give the right gift or feeling like my spouse might feel that he didn’t give me the right gift.

If you’ve taken StrengthsFinders then you’ll understand better when I tell you one of my top strengths is Individualization. It is important for me to make someone feel special and unique and I prefer that to be reciprocated back. It’s just how I function. So gifts are very difficult for me!

Therefore, birthdays are hard for me. Whether it’s my birthday or someone else’s. This also is the same with Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s day…

I hate the expected expectations I put on myself and others yet I have a hard time stopping it. I wish I could. Really!

So today, in my ideal world, I would rather my birthday just go unnoticed. Less awkwardness. Less expectations. Less stress. I would rather it just be another boring day.

But instead I suck it up. I say yes to a lunch invitation. And I humor the family for dinner out…but more importantly because I know there’s peanut butter pie waiting for me afterwards. And I smile and say thank you as I open each gift because I know everyone loves me and means the best….even if I know the reusable grocery bag will never be used or the bowl will probably collect dust for the next ten years. Thanks family! And happy birthday to me. What a crazy, adventurous year I have ahead of me!

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