The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Basket

You get that baby shower invite in the mail and your head starts spinning. Girl? Boy? What do you get the new mommy? Something practical? Something funny?

Well, when I found out my sister was pregnant all these questions started racing through my head. And then I realized, what would I want? What were the items that I needed as a first time mom that I am so thankful I had. So with that in mind, I put together the ultimate baby shower gift basket of things that every new mom needs whether they know they need it or not.

Make the ultimate baby shower gift basket with these 9 essential items every new mom needs, whether they know it or not. 1. Nursing Cover

If you know the new mommy is going to be breastfeeding, or at least plans on breastfeeding (since we all know things never go as planned), a nursing cover is a great gift! No, you don’t necessarily need a nursing cover but they do come in handy when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you’re getting looks or feel like a little privacy is necessary. I made this navy blue nursing cover out of lightweight muslin for my sister. They are so simple to make and are a fun, DIY gift for any new mom. Tutorial on how to make your own coming soon!

2. Moo, Baa, La La La!

Every child needs this book, Moo, Baa, La La La! Every kid I know loves this book and learning fun animal sounds. These were the first animal sounds Clara learned to say and after she says “mooooo” it’s usually followed by “la la la.” How much cuter can you get? 

3. NoseFrida

Okay, I realize the NoseFrida is probably the grossest gift you could ever give, but seriously it’s like magic! When a new mom is awake in the middle of the night with a snot-filled, crying baby, they will so appreciate this gift!! It has been an absolute lifesaver every time my little one has been sick and after the first time using it, you quickly get over the gross factor.

4. Wubbanub

My little one loved the binky the minute we stuck it in her mouth. The WubbaNub is, hands down, the best type of binky though! Even though you don’t know if the new baby is going to be a binky-lover it’s better to have one on hand. The WubbaNub prevents the binky from being lost and makes it so much easier for the baby to keep in their mouth on their own. Plus, the soft, plush toy is an extra lovey that the baby can always have near. Double bonus, the WubbaNub now comes with so many different types of stuffed animals. We had the giraffe, frog, and elephant.

5. Stuffed Lovey

Every baby needs a stuffed animal that they can cling to and call their own. Something to bring them comfort. Something they can grow attached to. I got the cute little fox you can see in the image at the top for my sister and, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure it was ever going to make it out of my house. Clara was so attached to that darling little fox I had to practically pry it out of her hands to wrap it up in the baby shower gift basket.

6. Wood Blocks

Wood blocks are an essential toy every tiny human needs. They can chew on them (make sure the blocks you get have baby-safe paint), build towers to knock over, play hide and seek with them…the list goes on. Blocks are just one of those things every child needs and they can never have too many. I found these 1″ blocks on Amazon for a great price!!

7. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Seriously, the best!! Throw out the baby powder that most people gift and just get this stuff. It works as a skin protectant to protect tiny baby bottoms and is amazing. My little one got thrush and within a few hours she went from a cute baby bottom, to peeling and bleeding. At the guidance of our doctor, we applied the butt paste and within a few hours we could see her bottom healing already. No joke, it’s that awesome. Everyone I know that uses it, swears by it!

8. Infant Shoes

No, you don’t need tiny baby shoes. But yes, you actually do! Infant shoes are so dang adorable and I’m sure there will be some sort of occassion where the little one could use some shoes to dress up their little toesies and the new parents will be so thankful to have the cute crib shoes to put them in.

9. Tag Blanket

Babies love textures and a tag blanket with different ribbon, textures, and colors provide tactile and visual stimulation for the new baby. Starting at a really young age babies love to play with tag blankets. You can make one so easily too! I whipped up this tag blanket you can see in the back of the box in less than half an hour. Tutorial on how to make your own coming soon!

Make the ultimate baby shower gift basket with these 9 essential items every new mom needs, whether they know it or not.

Now that you know what I would put in an ultimate baby shower gift basket, what things did I miss that you found to be essential as a new mom?

Overall, since this is a baby shower gift basket, you’re going to want to consider the basket as well, something that could be used again, or you could even double it up and use a basset as a basket ( like a gift within a gift). But don’t forget the decor and the arrangement of all of this, too, such as the cellophane bags, ribbons, bows, and so on. The present matters, but the presentation is pretty important, too!

Share in the comments below. Ready to get the items to make a gift basket for the next baby shower you’re headed to? Click the images below to get started!

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Make the ultimate baby shower gift basket with these 9 essential items every new mom needs, whether they know it or not.

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  1. Yes to the tag blanket and Moo, Baa, La La La- I still read that to my three year old! One thing I always try to give mew mums is a home cooked meal- might be difficult to include in a gift basket but you could easily whip up a voucher on your computer saying that you will bring them a hot meal once the baby is born.

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