Before & After: Thrift Store Play Kitchen Makeover

This play kitchen makeover is incredible! The plastic kitchen went from well-loved and worn down to a modern update. Check out the full before and after!

In case you missed my announcement on social media a few weeks ago, I’m writing a book and it’s coming out so soon!!

Update: My book is out! Grab your copy of Creative Momma: Empowering You to Create Amidst The Chaos on Amazon here!

Last week I took a break from book prep though to makeover this well-loved play kitchen so that I could join up with some of my blogger friends for a Thrift Shop Challenge.

I found this play kitchen at our local Goodwill for only $1.99! Score! All it needed was a  little TLC, a lot of goo gone, and some fresh paint!

Image of Play kitchen makeover before

So, here’s how it started…

The stickers took a lot of work to get off. I found it was easiest to spray with a little goo gone and then use a knife to scrape it away. This goo gone is seriously magical. If you don’t have some in your cleaning supply arsenal, grab some here.

Image of Play kitchen makeover before stickers

After getting off all the stickers and giving the play kitchen a good scrub, it was time to pull it all apart and paint it.

Good thing I’m a hoarder of all things black and white. I was able to use all leftover spray paint I already had for this project. I tried to give it a similar finish to what it would look like if this was my actual kitchen.

I’ve linked all the paint I used below to make it easy for you to do your own makeover.

I also spray painted the burners and knobs black and then taped them off before painting the counter area white.

Get everything you need right here!

Image of Play kitchen makeover painting

I attempted to cover the counter with marble contact paper similar to how we did in our moody & dark bathroom makeover last fall, but there were too many lips, and edges, and angles that it turned out awful.

Thankfully, plan b turned out amazing and I’m so glad we decided to just stick with white paint rather than trying to cover it again with different contact paper.

Image of Play kitchen makeover pan

I love how this turned out and my girls love it so much! Granted, we already have this play kitchen so we’re planning on finding a family that will love this kitchen to give to, but for now it’s getting well-loved.

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Image of Play kitchen makeover cupcake

These are the pretend pots and pans we use—and love—in our home! Clara and Maggie love making cookies and dinner in their kitchen and keeps them busy for hours!

Image of Play kitchen makeover pots

I also added two command hooks on the side to hang a pan and a spatula to clear off a little space for them to do more cooking.

Image of Play kitchen makeover serverSo, what do you think of this play kitchen makeover?

I’m obsessed with how it turned out and wish our actual kitchen looked similar to this.

What’s something you’ve made over that you’ve found at the thrift store? If you love this makeover as much as I do, I’d love for you to pin it or share it with a friend using the links below.

Image of Play kitchen makeover

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  1. Super cute! I’m always nervous to paint plastic… Does it scrape off easily?

  2. I have a similar step 2 kitchen I would like to do this with. How has the spray paint held up? Did you use a primer?

  3. I snagged a vintage little tikes kitchen that I’d love to renovate for our daughter… But I’m at a loss for how to pull it apart. Any tips?

      1. I’m doin this same thing to one right now but the paint scratches off super easily. Did you have this same issue

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