3 Reasons to Sign Your Husband Up for Trunk Club

Frustrated with your man’s wardrobe? Or lack of? Trunk club for your husband is such a great idea! Here are 3 reasons to sign him up.

Are you frustrated with your man’s wardrobe? Or lackthereof? When I signed up for Trunk Club a few months back we realized Trunk Club originally was started for men. My husband excitedly volunteered to test it out for the male population to share with you all how it goes. Long story short, we’re in love with Trunk Club! Here are 3 reasons you need to go sign your husband up for Trunk Club right now, plus a full review from his first trunk from a man’s perspective!

It’s like Stitch Fix but for classy men.

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Take it away, husband!

#1 Reason

You get a free personal stylist who takes into consideration what you love and don’t like and what type of clothes you need. Do you have an important business meeting coming up? Do you dress business professional for work? Or maybe you’re like us where we both work from home 50% of the time so don’t need many professional clothes, but do need decent clothes that don’t make us look like bums.

Yes, you can get a personal stylist to help you at some stores, but honestly how often have you used those services? It’s awkward and once you get in the store you figure you can just as easily pick out your own clothes. Well, this makes it easy! Everyone gets the same service whether you’re paying or not. Having a stylist pick out the clothes removes all of the guess work from picking out clothes.

#2 Reason

At least in our home we both hate shopping. Like really despise it and never step out of our comfort zone. With Trunk Club we say we’ll try on whatever they send. It forces us to step out of that comfort zone and try new things.

#3 Reason

The convenience was a huge selling point for me. I was able to contact my stylist entirely through email, which was fantastic since I could respond to her questions whenever I had a spare moment (or felt like getting around to it).

A Trunk Club Review

One thing to note about Trunk Club is that they only stock pants with a 34” inseam. Lets just say that is a little too long for me. So if you are a perfectly average 5’8” like me, and your stylist sends you the most perfect pair of pants, you will need to get them tailored. My stylist even offered to send me a list of tailors in my area if I needed one.

So here we go. Here’s all the items I got in my first trunk and what I thought of them all. Let’s start with the pants.

Vince Straight $168
Let me start off by saying that I practically live my entire life in jeans. Hardly a day goes by when I am not wearing jeans, and I loved these jeans. They fit great and I loved the color. The fit is slimmer than I am used to but in a good way. These were probably the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. Over the last two months I have lost 20lbs and if I didn’t have 20lbs more to go, I would have bought these jeans.

Man with hands in pockets of jeans image.

Portege $188
I got a second pair of jeans (not pictured). They fit good and were quite comfortable but I liked the darker jeans better. They were everything I would expect from a nearly $200 pair of jeans.

5011 Havana Twill $178
When I previewed the trunk, I thought I would really like these pants. I was not impressed. I didn’t dislike them but they didn’t feel like something I could see myself wearing on a consistent basis. It could also have been that these pants pretty much demand that you tuck your shirt in. Maybe it’s because I am from Portland and work in a casual business environment, but I don’t like being forced to tuck my shirt in.

Man wearing gray pants with hands in pocket image.

Graduate $178
I was surprised with how much I liked these tan pants. When I previewed them online, I didn’t think that I would like the color or style but I was delightfully surprised by them.

Man smiling in flannel shirt image.

Tindale LS Shirt $155
You know when you thoroughly dislike something but have no clue or good reason why? That’s how I felt about this shirt above. Maybe it was the color (pink and yellow?). Maybe it was the way it fit. Whatever it was, I could not get excited about this shirt, and certainly not $155 excited.

Side note: This is Amanda writing and I seriously loved this whole outfit!! Isn’t my husband a hunk?? I don’t know what his problem was with the shirt. 

Textured Fleece Half Zip $80
This was my second favorite item in the box. It was quite comfortable and soft. It even fit well, especially considering that it was sent to me by someone who had never seen me before. It was also one of the few items in the trunk that actually fit my style too. If it was $10-$20 less I would have definitely bought it.

Man smiling in half-zip sweater image.

The Perfect Sportshirt Multi Plaid $88
I found this shirt to be quite boring. I like the colors but the print was too small for my taste.

Man buttoning shirt cuff image.

Button Down Madras Plaid Shirt $58
I HATED this shirt. It was too big and the colors are definitely not my style. I tried it on with the Havana Twill pants and I had flashbacks to old episodes of Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, all that was missing was a sweater tied around my shoulders. (Well lets be honest, it was the re-runs. I was born a year before the show aired.)

Man in shirt image.

Dark Tattersall Heritage Flannel $98
I felt like a lumberjack in this shirt, and not in the good way. I didn’t feel burly or like I could knock down a tree with my bare hands, I felt like I was drowning in flannel. I swear the shirt weighed five pounds. It wasn’t dressy enough to wear with slacks but the blue blended in with my blue jeans in a giant mass of booooring.

Man's flannel shirt image.

TC 3 CLR Gingham $98
I loved this shirt! Color and style was perfect and it fit great. My stylist nailed it on this one. The only problem with this shirt was the price. If this shirt was a little less expensive it would have stayed in my closet forever.

Man smiling in purple shirt image.

Hashiko Henley $88
I didn’t like the way this shirt felt. It was too big to wear by itself and didn’t fit right with a shirt underneath. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the rounded neck, especially with a buttoned up shirt underneath. The neck was too high and the fabric was too thin.

Man in gray sweater image.

Comfort Bicolor Large Plaid Dress Shirt $148
This shirt was another one that bored me. It is a perfectly fine shirt but the only thing I found interesting about it was the square buttons on the cuff. And they are not a good enough reason for me to keep it so this one went back with everything else.

Man's crossed arms image.

And now for the accessories…

Argyle Socks $14
These were fun. I liked these socks. There isn’t a whole lot to say about them though, they’re socks. I don’t have anything to wear with them though so they went back too.

Solid Contrast Band Sock $14
These socks bored me to death. If I am going to spend $14 on socks, they should at least be exciting.

Skiver Leather Belt $80
I loved this belt. The edge had a worn look to it that added some more interest to a belt than I am used to and they went great with the Graduate pants. This was one of the items in the trunk that I would have likely kept if it cost a little less.

Brown leather belt image.

William Plus Clyde $198
These are some pretty slick looking shoes. The fit was pretty good, maybe a little loose in the toe but other than that they were great. I have to say though, I love the blue laces! They are a classy pair of shoes with just the right amount of flavor. I could see myself owning a pair of these shoes when I spend more of my time in professional meetings than chasing my little girl through mud.

Man's brown shoes with blue laces image.

For my first Trunk Club, it went about as well as I expected. There were a couple of items that fit my style, and a lot that didn’t, but with a grand total of over $1,800 the price of most of the items were more than I could justify. I thought that I would be prepared for the cost since we started with Amanda’s trunk but I still had sticker shock. I am still holding out hope that the second trunk comes in at a more modest price range and has more items that fit my style but we will see. At the very least, I now know that I need to find a purple and gray shirt to add to my closet.

Ready to try trunk club for your husband?

If you’re ready to try out Trunk Club (man or woman) sign up to get started today. Even if you end up like us and only buy a few items, it’s still fun to be able to try on nice, great quality clothes in the comfort of your own home!

Choose your style, select your sizes, then meet your personal stylist. It's as easy as that! Find out how you can get clothes handpicked for you from a stylist mailed directly to your home for FREE. Choose your style to get started!

This post contains affiliate links. We legit love Trunk Club though and think everyone should try it out. For more information, see my disclosure here

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Choose your style, select your sizes, then meet your personal stylist. It's as easy as that! Find out how you can get clothes handpicked for you from a stylist mailed directly to your home for FREE. Choose your style to get started!

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