Turning Old Textbooks into Stylish Home Décor

If you’re an avid book collector or reader, you can turn your collection of old textbooks into wonderful design items that add charm and style to your home. You can either use them as the focal point of a space or as supportive items that make other décor pieces stand out. The books don’t have to be fancy or in perfect condition, ordinary textbooks or pages will do.

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However, if you’re a student who’s more of a book collector than a reader, dealing with difficult, urgent, or long assignments can be stressful. Consider enlisting expert assistance with academic projects from a reliable thesis writing service to enhance your understanding of concepts and submit papers on time. This way, you can focus on developing creative ideas for repurposing your pile of old books into something grand.

Read on to learn some fantastic ways to turn old textbooks into stylish and versatile décor pieces.

10 creative ways of turning old textbooks into stylish home décor

As décor risers

When you want to create a beautiful fireplace mantel or vignette, adding some height can make a difference in your décor. Old textbooks make the best pedestals in house décor because you can go as high or as low as you want to have a balanced setting. For example, adding a stack of old textbooks under a flower vase or decorative accessory is the easiest way to add elegance to your look.

To add color

Old textbooks are often colorful and vibrant, so the right combination can give an accent color that strengthens your main decorative color. For example, green and blue books go well with Christmas décor, while red and pink books accentuate Valentine’s decorations. Dusty or not, old textbooks can add a pop of color that brings flair to your home. Personally, I often display color-coordinated books in bookcases to create rainbow patterns.

To fill gaps

When you don’t know the decoration to add to an empty shelf or space, consider adding a stack of textbooks. Displaying books with a personal message can add cheer to a room. Also, less colorful or vintage books can make the perfect backdrop that focuses attention on your décor. You can use them to add volume and additional interest to your mantel shelf or coffee table vignette.

As art print for your wall

If you’re wondering what to do with an old encyclopedia or other large textbooks, add it to your house décor as a funky art piece on your wall. All you need is to print a scanned image of your favorite image on top of book pages. A page without illustration makes a perfect background that ties everything together, resulting in a unique piece.

As a book lamp

If you want to decorate your home library and are handy with a drill, you can use books to create a classy DIY lamp. Glue a stack of books together to create a base for your lamp. Cover the lamp with pages to reveal an elegant setting when it lights up. A homemade book lamp is perfect for giving your space a vintage touch.

As mantel décor

This may sound unoriginal, but if you struggle to decorate your mantel, old books can make the perfect décor pieces. Books keep a mantel balanced, especially when placed at the tiny edges. Books are the perfect size and dimension, making it easy to display them with other items at different heights. No one likes lopsided decorations.

As DIY knife holders

This trend is coming back to home décor, and I’ll admit it’s pretty. All you need are some unique vintage books of different color schemes tied together tightly to create a block for storing your knives. You can use this versatile hack to create different knife holders for various seasons.

As planters

You can turn old textbooks into stylish home decorations by turning them into planters. All you need is to create a large hole in the middle of a stacked and bound pile of books and add a pot. Play with different combinations of books to create an elegant and stylish mini garden in your living room.

As a wall wreath

A wreath made from pages of old textbooks is breathtaking. Creating it may require lots of patience and careful planning, but the result is a unique and classy décor item that you can put on any major room in your home. Hang the art on a prominent wall, and visitors will swoon over it.

As wallpaper

Wallpapers are making a comeback in home design and décor. Bring back this trend using textbook pages to create a unique addition to an accent wall. Pages make a stylish statement that’s impossible to copy. More importantly, repurposing old textbooks is a cheap way to add flair to a room. All you need is to know the basics of hanging wallpaper to ensure you create a unique and elegant feature.

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Vintage books offer endless ideas for home décor

If you’re staring at your old book collection and wondering what to do with it, turn a new leaf and get decorating. There is something about the size, color, and rusty look of old books that make them perfect decorative pieces. Whatever ideas you have for home, you can’t go wrong with using books to add some charm.

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