Weekend Camping Adventures

I just wanted to jump on and share a little snippet from this weekend — well, because it was fantastic and ten years from now I don’t want to forget these things. About two years ago when we moved back from college we moved to the other side of town and had to start practically a whole new life.

Where do we shop? 
Where’s the cheap gas? 
Where do we go when I want some legit chinese food? 

Ya know…the important things in life! But most importantly, we had to go church shopping again. It took a few months but we finally found a church we liked and after this weekend I’m even more sure we made the right decision.

Burlap and Babies: Weekend Camping Adventures

Now, I’m not one to talk about religion or Christianity too often around the blog but if you have a good place to call your church, you’ll understand what I mean. We spent the weekend camping with over 700 other people from our church, including our Korean and Hispanic congregation. We met people. Ate way too much junk food. Got covered in sand from head to toe. But more importantly just felt included.

And it was lovely.

PS I just need to brag real fast that this 25 week prego lady totally rocked at the tent camping thing. I was quite impressed with myself.

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