What Buyers Are Looking For In A New House

If you are wanting to sell your home then you may think it is a bit of a minefield to navigate. This can be true, however, if you have a lot of practice staging and selling homes then it should be no trouble. If you have never sold a house before then take a look below to find out what buyers are looking for most.


You might have heard that buyers prefer an open-plan living design. This is purely down to convenience and when you have children it is better to be able to see them. If you are in the kitchen and your children are in the living room then you will be able to see them thanks to open-plan living. A lot of buyers are looking for this and if your home doesn’t have it then you may lose offers and interest.

Big Garden

Another thing people want is a big garden. Living conditions are getting smaller so if you have a big garden then you will gauge a lot of interest, especially from families. Children love freedom, so make sure you emphasize how nice your garden is by dressing it up. Make it look amazing and you will have viewings and offers coming from all directions.

Move-In Ready

If your home requires a lot of redecorating or repairs then this can put buyers off completely. A lot of people these days aren’t looking for fixer-uppers, they want a house that is ready to move into. You might have been putting off those repairs for quite some time, well now is the time to carry them out. If you have a leaky roof or a lot of clutter lying around then it is time to sort it out. Get the experts in if you aren’t able to fix anything. If you clear out your clutter it will be easy to stage your home. Staging your home gives the impression that your home is perfect and ready to go. It might be useful to use small storage units to store your belongings until you move out.

Energy Efficient

People are very conscious about the environment these days, therefore if your home is energy-efficient then you will get a lot more interest than a normal home. You might want to use this as a unique selling point, every home should utilize a USP. You might have solar panels, for example, this is great as it cuts your energy bills in half. A lot of people will be very interested in this, due to money woes.


Finally, many people lead busy lifestyles and are looking for convenience when they purchase a house. It takes a lot of energy to walk upstairs to the toilet for instance, so if you have a downstairs loo then you are already one step ahead in the selling game against someone that only has a family bathroom upstairs. It might also be great if you have a laundry or utility room within your home. This keeps everything out of the way of the kitchen and creates a clean, tidy atmosphere.

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