What’s in a Name?

Since having Clara, we have been asked so many times how we came up with her name. And it’s honestly a lame story. I feel like we disappointed ourselves.


From day 1 of telling people we were pregnant we started getting asked if we had names chosen. The reasons are different for everyone, but we didn’t tell anyone the names on our list and we wouldn’t even discuss name options with anyone for that matter.

Is it biblical?
Is it a family name?
Did you chose the name for its meaning?

Not quite. Honestly, when she was born, I look up at Justin with a questioning look and asked, “what did we decide to name her again?” Like I wasn’t even sure. Truthfully I’m not even sure still. 10 weeks later I’m still questioning…

Is she a Clara? Will she fit her name in high school? What about trying to get a career? Or as a soccer mom on the PTA? I already know the name fits for an old person since it was most popular in the late-1800s.

But will she like it? What if she hates her name? What if it’s too feminine? Too short? Too boring?

So many questions and unknowns. I’m glad babies don’t have an opinion on their name and I’m so glad we chose not to tell people our list of names before she was born. We didn’t need anymore opinions on this matter. We had a hard enough time deciding just the two of us, This is our Clarabear. She loves to smile and stick out her tongue and snuggle with mommy. No matter what she may go by someday, she was named in love.

So friends, if you are having the naming struggle, realize you may not have that aha moment. You may still be doubting it weeks later. And that’s okay. I’m learning your baby will grow into their name and let’s just say it’s a great thing babies don’t have an opinion.

Happy 10-week birthday, babygirl!

What's in a name?


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