Easy Barstool Makeover

Follow this easy bar stool makeover DIY steps using a little paint, foam and fabric. Upholster and give your bar stool a modern look! 

Cute seating has never been one of my strong suits. I always get stumped on doing something practical but still cute. Recently I made a new craft table that is much taller than a typical desk and almost had me stumped. Until I discovered that some stools are taller than 28″. I was stoked! So I started searching and soon found a 29″ plain stool on Craigslist for $10. Score! And so began the diy bar stool makeover…

Plain wooden bar stool DIY bar stools  image.

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Here’s what you’ll need for your own DIY bar stool makeover:

I started with a coat of midnight blue spray paint to get rid of the traditional bar stool look. Well, it ended up being like 10 coats of paint actually. Sand the surface down a little bit first to give the paint more to stick to. After I felt like it was finally covered in paint I found some fun fabric that matches my color scheme for my craft room and bought some foam from my local craft store.

I know I am going to spend hours on this stool so wanted something pretty cushy. I bought 2″ foam and then just cut it about the same size as the seat of the stool. Now, this doesn’t have to be exact at all. Heck, I used a cheese slicer knife because it was the best thing I could find to get the job done.

You do what you gotta do.

Green foam and fabric materials for the DIY bar stools image.

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Once you get your foam cut, grab your staple gun and go to town pulling and stretching your fabric to get it covered just right. Be sure to trim away any extra fabric or staple any bits that need it once you flip the stool over.

Tip: Staple the four edges first and then gather each corner and staple away.

Fabric stapled to the underside of DIY bar stools image.

And there we have it! I love how it turned out and can’t wait to show you how it looks in my new craft room. And seriously…who’s not drooling over this fabric? Love!

Before and after of bar stool makeover image.

Are you up for the bar stool makeover challenge?

Bar stool makeover finished project image.

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27 thoughts on “Easy Barstool Makeover

  1. Thanks for the great tutorial, I tried and mine turned out pretty decent. Yes you got a fabulous fabric!!

  2. LOVE this idea. Instead of buying new stool I am going to use the ones of have and bring in a great fabric for the chairs. A GREAT IDEA. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks great and I LOVE the print! Where did you get the fabric? I have an office chair to redo and I’m in love with this print.

  4. i’m looking to redo two of my bar stools. about how much paint did you use per stool? would one can be enough for two stools? thanks!

  5. I loved it how you turned out from nothing to something exciting and colorful. I have a question. how did you stick cushion to chair seat?

  6. I have two bar stools with backs that I would like to redo. Can you give advice on
    how I should go about this project.

  7. just curious as to how much fabric you bought, i would like to do the same inch foam as you did.

  8. I absolutely love it! I have a stool just like it and I wasn’t sure what to do with it! I’ll be doing this for sure! All I need is some Beautiful fabric like yours!

    1. Hi Debbie. I didn’t detach the seat. I just put the foam directly on top of the seat and then used the fabric to hold it in place.

  9. Thank you for this post! I’ve been scouring the internet for the right stool for my new office with no success. I saw your post and realized, “Oh wait! I have one of those just sitting in my living room, not being used!” PERFECT! So excited! Now I just have to find the right material. My office is still a little bit of a blank slate with neutral colors. Looking for some pops of color to cover cork boards and now my stool!

  10. Curious how the stool finish has stood the test of time? I am planning a similar make over for my kitchen stool, but wondering how they will hold up!

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