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50+ of the BEST Modern Script Fonts

Creating invitations, designing posters, crafting a beautiful site, making a logo…here are over 50 of the best modern script fonts you need in your font book!

I don’t know about you, but I have this thing about fonts. A modern script paired with a light sans-serif gets me all giddy inside. I could spend hours perusing dafont.com and don’t even ask how many fonts I have installed on my computer. Hint: it’s a lot!

These cursive fonts include handwritten styles and gorgeous modern calligraphy typefaces.

As I perused fonts redesigning my website a few weeks ago, I came across so many gorgeous modern script fonts I decided to gather them up and share some of my favorites with you!

If you haven’t browsed Creative Market, then you are missing out!! It’s definitely my favorite place to find unique fonts and there are so many gorgeous ones!!

They are listed in alphabetic order. Click the link below the image for the corresponding font to see the font and all the options the designers has offered. Many of the fonts come with bonus features like a sans-serif pairing or floral graphics for example.

Take a look and let me know which modern script font is your favorite in the comments!!



Aren’t they gorgeous?! I have this secret desire to be a professional handletterer, but since my handwriting looks like a twelve-year-olds I don’t think that’s ever going to happen so i’ll resort to buying gorgeous fonts and pretending I can write like that.

Do you love these fonts as much as I do? I’d love for you to pin the image below to share with your friends and remember it for later.

Creating invitations, designing posters, crafting a beautiful site...here are over 50 of the best modern script fonts you need in your font book! These cursive fonts include handlettered styles and modern calligraphy typefaces.

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