Birth Story: Averie Lane

Today is the fourth addition to our collection of birth stories. I am so loving all these stories. How they are all so unique and special in their own way…even when they go completely against momma’s plan.

Inspiring birth story collection series including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Today’s stories come from Amber at Averie Lane. Amber’s story is so heartbreaking, yet joyous, as she looks at the happy things in life even in the midst of so much sadness she has gone through. You can read a little bit more about her story on her about me page.

Below are links to read all about two of Amber’s five births.

For Amber’s fourth birth, she had an unplanned natural birth when she suddenly got the very strong urge to push before asking for any pain meds. Read all about Everett’s birth here.

After having three weeks of contractions with her fifth pregnancy, Amber agreed to have her membranes stripped at the doctor’s which started things moving just as planned. After being at the hospital for only two hours, she met her fifth little guy. And you have to check out her full birth story of Elynn to see that full head of hair! So cute!! Read all about her last, and quickest, birth here.


Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us, Amber! I loved reading the differences in your two births but how in each one you knew your body and was able to help tell your doctor what is normal for you. I think that’s so important to trust your gut. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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