Birth Story: Kent Heartstrings

What a fun week I’ve had reading all things birth stories. As many of you know from reading about my life here, in my group of friends there are 4 of us due within 2.5 weeks of each other. So fun!! Well, the first of the little ones was born yesterday morning. So exciting!! Now, it’s a race to see who will be next. I can’t wait to hear all about her birth. From the few texts I’ve got, it sounds like it was a not so fun one.

As for today, we’re rounding up the birth story week. If I am able to get my butt in gear, I hope to flood this feed with birth stories throughout the day and share all the ones that were shared with me….because heck, I should share the knowledge, right?

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Inspiring birth story collection series including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Now for today….Today I want to share another side of birth stories I have encountered. Like with Adventures in Mamahood, sometimes things don’t go as planned. And this is what my plan has been through this series. Like I said when I started looking for more birth stories, I want to prepare for the unexpected. Be ready for whatever happens to come my way.

Well, Cassie from Kent Heartstrings is sharing with us today her story of an unplanned c-section but how she is grateful. This is a must read for all you preggo mommas out there….or if you plan to have more kids someday. Cassie is so real and honest in her struggle with having a c-section and the anger she had after she realized she didn’t get to experience birth like she had planned.

You can read all about Cassie’s birth story here.


Thanks so much for sharing your story, Cassie, and sharing the struggle you had! I know this can be a tough thing for many people looking back on how their birth went. Such a great reminder to have compassion!

“Compassion for the imperfect. Compassion for myself in my imperfectness. Compassion for the imperfectness in others. God has a plan. It is perfect. It is good.”