Birth Story: Home Again Jiggety-Jig

Today’s birth story is from Home Again Jiggety-Jig. Marjie has five grown children and today she is sharing with us a little summary from each of her five births. If you missed yesterday’s birth story from Dwelling in Happiness, you can read all about her birth story here.

Inspiring birth story collection series including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

My name is Marjie and I’m a Home Economist and Pastor’s wife. We have 5 grown children, three of whom are in their early 20s. I’m a “foodie” with a huge interest in easy, real food, and healthful, yummy eating. You’ll find great recipes, helpful hints, money saving ideas, nutrition and health, design ideas, life lessons, and hopefully things that might just change your life, as the Saviour has changed mine.

I’m a mama of five. Each birth was a little different, but I know that a great attitude and not fighting the process worked amazingly well. I’d rather give birth than go to the dentist.

Baby number one came at age 23 (9 days late) and involved a pre trip to the hospital, being sent away to walk myself into labor, and returning about five hours later to have a quick birth. The navy doctors insisted on a spinal, then I had to lay still for hours. At that point I decided to NEVER AGAIN medicate. 8lb 6oz baby girl

Baby number two came at age 26. (11 days late) I had a great pregnancy again, rode a bike almost every day. Water broke about midnight we were in the hospital by about 1:45am and he almost arrived in the examining room at about 2:00am. No medications, praise GOD! 8lb 11.5oz baby boy

Baby number three came at age 39. (2 days late) I had another great pregnancy, but the doctor was so concerned that I had almost had baby number two in the hallway that he insisted on inducing labor. She was born after 24 hours in the hospital, and the labor was tough for a while, (Decided to NEVER AGAIN induce.) but the birth was quick and easy, no other medications than pitocin. 8lb 8oz baby girl

We lost a pregnancy between these two babies. :/

Baby number four came at age 41. The last month of this pregnancy was tougher, with the challenges being on my ability to walk. Something weird happened to my pelvic area and hips (relaxing them) making it necessary to use a cane at times. Labor was very short again. (10 days late) Meconium in the water that broke in the hospital, no problems with that. The challenge was that she was face up, so the doctor pushed her back in and turned her around. After that point it was VERY quick. The placenta did not want to detach from the uterine wall, so he manually removed it. This prevented excess bleeding. SO grateful for this doctor. No medications. 9lbs 10.5 oz baby girl

Baby number five came at age 43. (10 days late) This was a great pregnancy. I rode a stationary bike for most of the pregnancy. There was one false trip to the hospital. (4 days before actual birth) Labor was quick and VERY EASY. Because of meconium in the water, there were about a dozen people in the room. Suddenly at the very last stages, everything stopped. The doctor sent all of them out of the room, and he was born about five minutes later. Guess he didn’t want an audience. There was no problem with the meconium. This was our easiest birth. 6lb 15oz baby boy.



Thanks so much for sharing your stories, Marjie! Love reading about the difference in your five births. Be sure to stop by each day this week to read more inspiring birth stories…including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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  1. Thanks, Amanda –
    You published this word for word!
    I am soon to be a gramma for the first time. We are very excited – youngest son and his wife are expecting a baby boy in January – and praise be, our oldest son and his wife are expecting in June (after more than four years of trying!)

    Praying that the rest of your pregnancy and birthing goes very, very well.

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