Share Your Birth Story!

As the days are getting fewer to when this little one is due, I find myself soaking in all the birth stories I can. Trying to mentally prepare myself for the day….or days….of labor that is headed my way.

Birth stories scare some people. To me, they are beautiful! Everyone has a story. Some go just as planned, others could not have predicted all the craziness that they endured, but somehow this tiny human is welcomed into the world in their own unique and amazing way.

For me, not knowing what could possibly be headed my way is the scariest so I figure I might as well read them all. The good and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. Then I at least can mentally prepare myself to be mentally unprepared and more ready to roll with whatever might be thrown my way.

Does that even make sense?

So here I am asking for you to help in my birth story search. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The week of November 9 I want to fill this blog with birth stories. If you have a birth story that you would like to share, please complete the form below or go to the google form to submit your entry. Be sure to email me any photos you would like included, if you have them, by November 8 and I will feature the stories that I found most helpful to me the following week.

Share your birth story for a chance to be featured!

If you already wrote about your birth story, please send me a link to your post and I will include you in my roundup post of birth stories. Thanks so much for sharing with me and everyone else! I am so excited to here your story!

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