Change (Redecorating) Is As Good As A Holiday

In the United States, we have a few pastimes that define our national identity. We’re patriotic unlike any other nation on earth, we love to travel, we love regional cuisine – and we absolutely love to shop. Specifically, we’re a national of home decorators.

Living Room Chair Sofa Couch Home  - ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay

The average American will spend anywhere between $1000 and $5000 every season redecorating their home spaces. Everything from new furniture to paintwork, artwork, and objets d’art all come under the scope when it’s time to refresh the spaces that we live and play in – and these days, increasingly work in too.

The good news is that most cities and states all have an abundance of smaller, independent marketplace places so changing your home space doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune to achieve a decent looking change, and with more of us living in cities than ever before – space saving is a top priority, with bookcases with drawers you’ll love taking pole position when it comes time to redesign your interior spaces.

We’re going to take a look at how you can change two of your most important rooms without breaking the bank and still achieving a high-quality, top-class finish. Your living room, and your bathroom.

Now if you fancy taking on something a bit more ‘meatier’, take a look at this guide on how to rework your kitchen creatively and easily on a budget.

Meanwhile, let’s start with your living room.


It is pretty amazing how much of an effect you can achieve in your living room simply by moving your existing furniture around and repositioning the items that you love, not everything needs to cost money, but if you are going to spend some money, accessories like throws, pillows and reupholstered couches and sofas will instantly change your environment.

If you have a larger space, leaving spaces in between couches and side tables, coffee tables, and spaces next to windows and areas of natural light will make a bigger space look and feel even bigger and a smaller space seem less cluttered.

Storage and shelving is always a winner and if you have shelves that are custom designed and installed based on what your living room already looks like, will give you depth, dimension – and functionality.

Find some awesome ideas, here.

Bathroom Wood Furniture Shower  - La-Belle-Galerie / Pixabay


Bathing should be part of your daily therapy and not just something that you do out of necessity so turning your bathroom into a spa experience, starts with something as simple as changing your lighting.

Soft, gentle ‘glow’ colors with hidden backlights and LED lighting in your shower, can create an intimate and sophisticated experience. Scents from candles and ‘hidden’ scent dispensers also add to the spa experience. If you have the space for it, you’ll be surprised at how easy and relatively inexpensive it can be to install a two-person sauna, especially if you’re planning on removing your bath for the benefit of saving space, water, and energy.

After everything that we’ve all been through, a new fresh, clean, and creative living environment is not just easy on the eye – but, soothing to the soul.

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