The Best Tips for a Budget-Friendly Student Room Renovation

Renovating your space is an exciting opportunity to get a fresh start. And it doesn’t have to break the budget, which is especially important for students. There are plenty of ways to achieve great results with little to no investment 

After all, the majority of students live on a tight budget. Even having a part-time job or doing side gigs might be just enough for essentials. Any extra money can be spent on more important things, like paying the tuition earlier, buying study supplies, or getting essay help.

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It is a simple and affordable way to boost grades and get some free time for renovations and DIY projects. If you are looking for some ideas, here are the best tips on how to nail that.

Move Things Around

The first and the easiest way to renovate your student room is to change the layout. It is completely free and can change the look completely. Maybe one can get the bed closer to the window or, on the contrary, put the work desk by the window. Think of the possibilities your space offers and how to make renovation efficient in terms of it.

A good idea would be to optimize storage space and drop everything you do not need or use. It is possible to sell such items online or exchange them with other students.

Choose the Style

Before incorporating a new design, decide what you want from it. What style do you like? What is important for you? What feelings do you want to evoke in space? What color do you want?

Look for ideas on sites like Pinterest and pin what you like. Set a color palette: 2-3 main colors that go well together. It is possible to add one accent color as well.

Or you can make the room as colorful as you want. There are no limits here. But setting expectations and visual ideas will help to keep the style consistent and cohesive.

Go for DIY Projects

There are plenty of DIY projects one can tackle for the dorm room. It can be a piece of art for the wall created by you or a small garden in a bottle. Maybe you are into decoupage or painting shelves a new color. Even something as simple as altering handles for furniture can make a place feel unique.

Here is one of the fun ideas that are free and easy to do. If you have a lamp with shades, you can pin the small holes in it in a specific form. Now you have lighting with a picture or silhouette, which adds a unique touch.

New Color for the Walls

If you are allowed to paint your room, it is amazing. Painting walls a new color is relatively cheap and very effective for renovation. But even if it is not allowed in your room, there are rental-friendly options available.

For example, there are plenty of decals and sticking wallpapers that can be easily taken down when needed.

Invest in New Sheets

The bed is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in the student room. It attracts a lot of attention. Changing the bedsheets will alter the whole appeal immediately. Go for something new and refreshing in terms of color or pattern. If you still prefer simple white bedding, look for a covering blanket.

Some great ones can be found in thrift shops. Or you can buy new ones if you have the funds for them.

Alter the Lighting

The next essential part of room design is the lighting. No wonder it is one of the best on-budget renovation ideas for students. There are several ways one can do that:

  • Switch the light bulbs from cold to warm hue;
  • Switch, paint, or DIY lamps shades;
  • Add fairy lights to the wall or ceiling;
  • Add LED lights you can control the color of;
  • Find a new lamp in a thrift store.

Just make sure there is enough light for studying and reading.

Spruce Up the Floor 

There are several things one can do to add a new look to the floors. The easiest way is to add a rug. One can find it in a thrift shop, order online, or re-design the existing one. Having a carpet is a perfect way to tie the whole design together and make your room feel cozy.

Also, there are removable stickers that can cover the nastiest floors. And they are rental- and dorm room-friendly. They can imitate tiles or marble, for instance.

Put Pictures on the Walls

Print out photographs with friends or relatives that make you feel good. It is fairly cheap to do. One can put them up on a removable tape right on the wall. You can also hang them on fairy lights.

Another alternative is to frame them. To not spend too much money on frames, get them in thrift shops – there are a lot of options of old art pieces that go for a low price. Take out what has been there and put your pictures in. Maybe you can find stylish artwork to use for your decor also.

Add Details

Small things and nice details will complete the look. You can use some of your items that go along with the overall style. You can also look for vintage and old furniture and decor online or at antique stores. It is possible to find a treasure there for a couple of bucks.

Some of the things one might enjoy putting on display are collectibles, candles, dried flower bouquets, or crystals.

Enlarge Space with Mirrors

Student rooms are not particularly huge. One of the best tricks to make it feel roomier is to add mirrors. And they can also help to create an interesting design. You can go for a huge one or choose several small ones. There are plenty of affordable options in IKEA or online marketplaces.

Make it Green

The greenery can transform any place. Having plants in your room is not only beautiful but also quite beneficial for your health. And buying a plant or two is not that expensive. But if you worry that you won’t be able to take care of them, at least buy an artificial one.

You’ll get a dash of green that always looks great.

In Summary

Renovation of a student room doesn’t have to be expensive. Even if you need to buy new furniture, you can find amazing pieces in thrift and vintage shops for a small price. Paint them a different color, change the handles, and you have a fresh-looking item.

To make the space feel yours, decide on the style and overall theme as well as the color pattern. Try out some DIY projects that will not only look great but also can become a fun hobby. And do not forget about the accommodation rules – do not make permanent changes if it is not allowed by the landlord. 

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