Clara: 5 Month Update

Whew! Made it through another month of keeping the babe alive. And more importantly we survived her first sickness. Little one got her first cold with a nasty runny nose but I seriously swear by the nose frida now. If you have a little one and don’t own a nose frida, go buy yourself one now!

I’m serious. I’ll be waiting for you here when you get back.

Baby monthly milestone updates

Okay so that cold wasn’t clearing up and she would wake up screaming. I mentioned it in my mom’s group and our leader was like “I’m not a doctor but I’m about 99% sure she has an ear infection.” Well, I got in to the doctor’s that day and sure enough poor thing has an ear infection. At least it explains why she’s been so off lately.

Thankfully, this girl is the best and besides being a little more fussy and having rough nights, during the day she’s a little champ and you’d barely know she was sick unless I told you.


So, for milestones, Clara girl has started sitting up! Just a few nights ago she sat on the bed for a good 15 minutes, only tipping over a few times when she would try to reach for the dog or cat. Speaking of which, she has so much better dexterity and loves reaching out to pet the dog and cat when they walk past her. Well, more she just likes to pull their hair because then she gets a reaction. We’re working on being gentle with her. But it’s so sweet watching her try to interact with them. I’m sure one day they’ll be best friends. For now, she just terrorizes them. I can’t imagine what it will be like a year from now.

Clara definitely has more emotions now and has such a fun personality. You can make her laugh just by smiling really exaggerated at her. Or by just making funny noises. It’s the absolute best! She also gets very aggressive when she’s excited and claws at your face, arm, legs, finger, lip, whatever she can grab on to.

Baby monthly milestone updates

Along with all the other dexterity growth and grabbing toys intentionally, she has found her feet and loves grabbing her toes!

Baby monthly milestone updates


Okay so remember how last month I mentioned she was tucking in her upper lip? Well, now it has turned in to both lips. I call it her old man no-denture face. So adorable! Also, she’s quite the little chatterbox. She has a pretty deep, raspy voice. It’ll be fun to see if that changes as she gets older.

Baby monthly milestone updates


Being sick has been a big part of our life this past month. About two weeks ago I noticed she was pushing her feedings further apart and eventually went to three feedings a day. In mom’s group though I was saying I was concerned she wasn’t eating enough and our leader agreed that she should be eating more at this age. (Turns out she had an ear infection which probably made her not want to eat.) So I started forcing her to eat more often and we decided to introduce solids to her in order to get some more calories in.

So far she’s eaten avocado and banana and just tasted a few other things. So far she’s not so thrilled with the whole texture thing. But she always goes back for more so I think she’ll get the hang of the whole eating thing soon. Once she’s sitting up really well on her own we hope to start baby led weaning and introduce her to lots more foods. I can’t wait!

Baby monthly milestone updates


We have had a little bit of a rough month. I mean I seriously have no room to complain but with first her cold she didn’t want to sleep on her back because she couldn’t breathe and then the ear infection just has her waking up crying so sleeping has been fun. Goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up around 6:30. Since getting sick she’s usually up a few times during the night and just needs consoling to get back to sleep. Last night was actually the first time in a while that she slept through until 6:30 so I’m hoping that’s a sign that she’s on the mend.

Baby monthly milestone updates


When she started having eating problems I got concerned so we weighed her. So about a week and a half ago she weight 14 pounds 1 ounce. She’s at 32% for weight. She’s just a dainty little thing. Long but skinny. She still fits 0-3 month clothes for width wise but because she’s long she needs 3-6 months.

Baby monthly milestone updates


Loves her binky. She can finally put it in her mouth herself which has been a huge lifesaver. Loves giggling and being a goofball. A lot of that is thanks to her daddy. Who she loves SO much!! Every night I sit downstairs as he gets her ready for bed listening to them giggle for at least 10 minutes. It’s the cutest!

Putting anything and everything in her mouth. Her furry siblings. Definitely still a momma’s girl. She needs to know where she is at all times. (Sidenote: she definitely purposefully reached for me when she was in my dad’s arms the other day, it was the best feeling!)

Baby monthly milestone updates


Ear infections. Having her nose sucked out with the nose frida (although it is like a God send…way better than the bulb syringe). Bath time. We are not a fan of baths around here.

What milestones and growth should we expect for month 6?

I can’t believe we’re almost half way through the first year of this little one’s life.