Practical Mother’s Day Gifts

Although super sweet, not every mom just wants a homemade card every year. Check out these 6 practical Mother’s Day gifts if you’re stuck and aren’t sure what to give.

A few weeks ago I shared the perfect Mother’s Day card from baby that is darling and simple, but maybe not the most practical. So today I am back at you sharing 6 practical mother’s day gifts that I’m sure every mom would absolutely love!

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Picking out clothes for the mom in your life can be pretty tricky. If you are confident in your ability to pick something out that she loves, go for it! If not, take the kids off her hands and send her on her merry way!


I know I sure don’t have time to paint my nails, let alone get them cut since having a child. It’s not a secret to those who know me best, but I thoroughly hate having my feet touched, but I do have to say that pedicures are wonderful things. There is not a lot of things that compare to a few minutes of peace and quite while some lovely lady trims and polishes your toes.

Coffee Giftcard

What mom can’t find something at Starbucks that they want. This is a great gift but fair warning, it is not a standalone gift. It will pair wonderfully with any other gift on this list. Maybe you pair it with a delightful mug, slippers, cozy blanket, and a copy of her favorite book.

An uninterrupted nap

Naps are a fantastic thing. Quiet, relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating, and a ton of other wonderful adjectives. When you have your own little brood of delightful little occasional angels (or just one in my case), naps can be few and far between. Giving the mom in your life the opportunity to have an hour of uninterrupted sleep can mean more than you think.

Free massage

This one MUST be done by a professional. Husband’s don’t count, unless they’re a masseuse. Mom’s deal with a lot of pressure and being able to have all those tiny little bundles of tension and stress and worry and everything else rubbed away can go a long way towards making their lives a little better. If you can follow this up by an uninterrupted nap and a pedicure, you very well might win some kind of Mother’s day award!

A scheduled date with each child

Mom’s may occasionally complain about all they have to do and not having a moment to themselves but there is not much that recharges a mommy’s batteries more than having some one-on-one time with their children. Not the every day kind of moments, picking up laundry, playing with LEGO’s, and watching Disney movies (which are great, don’t get me wrong), it’s the uncommon, special, moments when you get to take your kid out for dinner, just the two of you. It’s when you get to go on a hike or paint a picture together. Planning those moments for a mom so that she can have special, uncommon, unique memories with each of her children will be a gift that she, and your children, will remember for a very long time.

So there you have it. Men, take note!

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Mommas, what would you add to this list of Mother’s Day gifts?

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